Great News (S1Ep01/02) “Pilot”/”Bear Attack” Series Premiere



Great News hits the mother-daughter relationship with a nail to the head in the best way possible.

The series is about Katie, a producer at a local news station who does only puff pieces, but wants to do more but when her mother,Carol, who she is very close to, comes in wanting to do an internship it’ll drive Katie to crazyvillie. When Greg hires Carol as Chuck’s intern, Katie tries to get her fired but it backfires when Carol has a connection with Chuck after forgetting his snack time.

When Carol finds out about how Katie doesn’t want her, she tries to convinces her to come back and also after her hurricane lead story was downgraded, she gets her mother in a story as baby boomers returning to the work place.

The show really make fun of the inner and outside of the new media that I really enjoy. It’s still got that 30 Rock vibe to it but it’s still very good. The cast is amazing from Briga Heelan and Andrea Martin as Katie and Carol to Nicole Richie and John Michael Higgins as the two anchors that are in different of ages. The writing was very, very good, probably a very solid pilot since The Good Place.
Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

“Bear Attack”

When a dangerous story comes and Katie wants it, Carol leashes out her helicopter parenting to take effect.

When a bear had escape the zoo, Katie wants to chase the story but when Carol learns about what had happen to someone she becomes the helicopter parent once again and tries to get Katie away from the story.

Carol tries to get Greg, the executive producer to stop Katie from covering the story. After Kaite learns that Greg took her out, she goes her way to cover it but Carol tries to diverge the situation but Katie catches on and tries to get to the zoo on a bike but she really hasn’t learned how to ride a bike and after many times of attempting, Carol shows her how and soon she rides off.

Meanwhile, with The Breakdown losing in the ratings against another news program, Greg thinks that Chuck and Portia should talk at the end of the news about something they have in common. After a couple of meetings with HR, the two finally found common ground with a topic: lemonade. Either the Beyonce album or the drink but its common ground for discussion anyway right?

Katie did get that story but also was part of the footage when The Breakdown showed her riding the bike and crushing as she tries to stop.

This was a very good episode. I thought that Bear Attack was hilarious and was just another well written episode. As much as Heelan and Martin was great, Richie and Higgins was hilarious in this episode. I love the scene when they were in Greg’s office and as they try to find common topics they find one that could ruin their program: talking about their rival program. Also the scene with Chuck trying to talk to Portia at the anchor desk as a warm up that ended up with HR meeting. Funny!! Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Great News Tuesday nights at 9/8c on NBC.