Lucifer (S02E014) “Candy MorningStar”

It may have been almost a year for us, but for Chloe it’s been 2 weeks since she and Lucifer got romantic, then he saved her life, then up and disappeared. Charlotte (a.k.a. The Goddess of All Creation) drowns her sorrows over her son’s abandonment with hot guys and booze and we see that Lucifer is making a deal giving a bag of money to some guy who hands him a mystery suitcase. And when Lucifer finally comes back it’s with a new… wife??? Mrs. Candy MorningStar! Chloe was more shocked than anyone and, more than usual, was probably tempted to box Lucifer’s ears. While Chloe was thrown this curve ball she and Dan are solving the murder of the leader of a rock band named Doug (I think that was his name). The band suspects it was their leader’s ex-wife Courtney, but she points to his divorce lawyer Anthony. Lucifer thinks he can just waltz back into Chloe’s life like nothing ever happened, but Chloe’s not having any of that. She refuses to let Lucifer have his job back. Lucifer is perplexed and goes to Dr. Linda Martin for advice… and he brings his new bride with him. Linda is unsure about this. Since she now knows who Lucifer really is, she can’t really talk about it in front of a stranger. Yet Candy gives some great advice: Lucifer should just keep showing up to work the case.


Dan and Chloe have a breakthrough in the case and visit the victim’s lawyer, Anthony. Since Lucifer saved Chloe’s life, Dan has found himself on Team Devil for now and tells Lucifer about the break they made. Lucifer pleads with Chloe that she needs him, but she still refuses, even when Maze tries to defend him. So Chloe lets Lucifer go under cover with her, with her  posing as his new wife, Candy (with pink high lights and everything!). They meet with Anthony the mediator but some real feelings seep into the act and Lucifer and Chloe have a genuine conversation since he came back. Lucifer says he’s changed by Chloe’s near death experience, but he won’t tell her specifically what that change is. Chloe and Lucifer interrogate Anthony who reveals he helped Doug with his divorce because he was promised a managing position for the band. Anthony points the finger to Marla, the base guitarist, whom Doug wanted to fire from the band. Charlotte and Amenadiel research what Lucifer has been up to during his two week disappearance and find out that he got married. Charlotte surprises Lucifer at his penthouse to find him still resenting her for lying and trying to manipulate him. Charlotte is not really digging Candy, so they go on a shopping trip. Amenadiel confronts Lucifer saying he watched over Chloe for him, but then he goes off and gets married to some bimbo! Lucifer confesses that he pushed Chloe away to protect her because he believes that God made Chloe fall in love with him, so he was trying to give her a choice to protect her. Amenadiel understands.


Charlotte and Candy go shopping and Charlotte tries to get Candy to spill some of Lucifer’s secrets but instead sweet Candy gives Charlotte some genuine insight and drops some truth bombs, shaking the Goddess into realizing that she’s been a terrible mother. Chloe goes to the club to try and find Marla, as her guitar had Doug’s blood on it making her a suspect. Lucifer surprises Chloe there and actually sings her a song from the 90s (I think it was from the 80s actually… either way it was Chloe’s favorite genre). Chloe’s walls come down a little and they catch Marla. Marla confesses that she was selling fake IDs to make rent but she didn’t kill Doug. Chloe and Dan find the drummer carrying Marla’s guitar in a video to check out her alibi. Lucifer and Chloe go after the drummer who surprises Lucifer from behind, choking him with a guitar string. Chloe shoots the drummer, saving Lucifer and Candy comes to the crime scene telling Chloe that she is all Lucifer talks about and that he loves working with her. Chloe lets Lucifer come back to work. Charlotte confronts Lucifer saying she’s sorry for manipulating him and Lucifer accepts her apology but still doesn’t forgive her. Charlotte then tells Lucifer his rebellion failed because he didn’t have the flaming sword of Eden. God didn’t destroy it but gave it to Azrael, angel of Death, and Lucifer has it now. Plot twist: Candy isn’t a bimbo but an intelligent actress that Lucifer hired to play his “wife” to throw Mom off the trail. Candy tells Lucifer not to screw things up with Chloe.


After a long break, this episode gets an A. It wasn’t as exciting, but there were still good emotional parts in the episode. Mostly Lucifer is so broken and emotionally damaged he thinks that no one can truly love him for who he is, so he thinks since Chloe was made by God that her every thought doesn’t belong to her and that she doesn’t really love him. And yet Lucifer can’t completely push her away because he still loves working with her. We also find out the details of Charlotte’s plan to use Lucifer to start a second rebellion and use the flaming sword to do it. I’m waiting for Azrael to come down and try and get her sword back to create more conflict there. All in all, a pretty good episode.