Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E16) “Moo Moo”


Every now and then “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” likes to get ambitious with its episodes. Whether it be a loving tribute to “Die Hard” or an episode that doesn’t have any main characters other than Jake and Holt, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” takes the risk of having something different to offer to the viewer. This episode does that, it gives something different to the viewers: dealing with a heavy topic. Specifically, racial profiling.

After Terry gets stopped by a police officer while looking for his daughter’s blanket, he wants to file a complaint, but Holt rejects his complaint, telling him that the complaint could get Terry fired for calling out another cop. While Terry sorts this out, Jake and Amy have a run-in with parenthood when they have to babysit Terry’s twins.

You’d think with a title like “Moo Moo”, this episode wouldn’t be that serious, but it is. This episode is “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” at its best. It tackled a heavy topic with grace and sincerity while still being funny. Terry’s subplot was so heavy but it felt real and genuine. There was anger, resentment, sadness, passion, and of course, some humor sprinkled in. These shine when Terry was giving a speech to Holt about being scared for his daughters’ futures. That was probably the most powerful moment in the show’s history.

With Jake & Amy, they were more or less the comic relief, trying to take care of Cagney and Lacey. However, it also takes a serious turn when the kids ask why was their dad in trouble, and Jake & Amy have to answer honestly. Those scenes were “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” at its best. Fun, heartfelt, and sincere. That’s what the show is all about. And Fox should definitely renew it.