Family Guy: (S15E18) “The Peter Principal”


Peter’s Principle declares, …”manager’s rise  to the level of their incompetence”  & “employees stop being promoted, when they no longer perform effectively” When speaking of competencies, and ineffectiveness, enter Peter Griffin. 

And he doesn’t disappoint in this episode.  As Principal of James Woods High, Peter’s Principle is Peter as Principal!  It’s great wordplay, I must say!

Cutaways on the Seth carpet tonight is courtesy of HBO. “Sesame Street” is now X rated. You don’t wanna know what Big Bird is doin! Brian is stabbed, as Jon Snow in “Game of Thrones” And a shout out to” Ballers”, when Chris shows up chained and in a white suit as anybody…’Ballin!’ 

However, the show begins with Brian. He’s having trouble being Ernest Hemingway because he needs to write in a quiet space. And so to meet this artistic demand, he & Stewie open a B&B.  A place where he can Hemingway and make $$$ too.

All is well until they both realize all the couples check in and out within the hour and the guys return with different women  They all have the same sign in too, “Rales Crystal Good” It seems their B&B is a house of ill repute and quickies.

Brian is shocked and wants to shut it down; Stewie wants to diversify. He hires girls (5) he calls his bitches, to work as “staff” for room service and “splat jobs” (shutters)  Brian surrenders his morals swayed by cash$$$.  They are now officially a brothel.

And the line of John’s is out the door.  Even Lamar Odom is a guest, with his own ambulance! Big Pimp and Dog Daddy are flush! 

However, The girls realize they can take the house and all the $$$; they don’t need these 2 So the 5 take over & kick Stewie and Brian out. They leave; taking Stewie’s raisin bread only.

But the place is raided, when Stewie calls the cops.  They watch the shut down and arrests from the bus stop across the street, eating the raisin bread.

At James Woods High, Principal Shepherd has a break down; stressed over his divorce & the loss of his wife. He melts down in the corridor, half naked & babbling. He is put on indefinite medical leave. 

With Vice Principal McGuire found dead in her car, the school board meets in emergency, to select a lay man, a volunteer to serve as temporary Principal. Peter steps up.  He’s the only one to do so. So he’s accepted. Getting out of those awful green pants is a plus to his new position.  He even appears slimmer!

In the usual Peter way, he promises fun and frolicks with the cheerleaders.  Yet, in a surprise move, he saves Meg from her dailies, when he steps in, stopping her harassment, during lunchtime in the cafeteria. He’s an iron fist!

This strict discipline continues, as directed by Meg, the strategist.  She even provides a play grid, for all those who have bullied her & the little guys, including teachers!   He’s “Walking Tall” in the halls with a bat like Buford Pusser, implementing “The Purge” Lois is concerned and turns Peter in.  He’s fired and the near insane, Shepherd is reinstated.

It was a tamed episode compared to some of the antics of the past.   Positive family matters, relationships and experiences appear to be a theme this season. Although a lousy Principal, Peter did a good job in being a caring and protective dad to Meg.   I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. It didn’t ! ◇♡♡♡  I like it!

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