The Great Indoors (S01E21) “Roland’s Secret”


Who doesn’t like getting caught in the middle of someone else’s family drama? With the greatest on intentions, Jack (Joel McHale) seems to bring these situations upon himself.

Brooke (Susannah Fielding) and Paul (Andrew Leeds), confide in Jack about their ongoing search for a marriage counsellor. Trouble is brewing between the two of them and if things cannot get settled, their marriage will be put on hold indefinitely. Not wanting her father’s involvement, Brooke asks Jack to keep this secret between them. It seems easy enough, until Roland (Stephen Fry) decides he also needs to let Jack in on his little secret as well.

There is a great repertoire between the actors that play Jack and Roland, they use it to bounce comedic gold off of one another. It adds something extra to the show, it would be unfortunate if a season two was not considered. Roland has a situation of his own, he has remarried yet again, to a fantastic woman who seems to be “Batman-esque”. Since this isn’t’ Roland’s first rodeo and he’s sure Brooke would never approve, he recruits Jack to keep his secret. Which Jack protests against, something as big as this needs to be shared with his daughter.

Back at the office, there is something else brewing. Clark (Christopher Mintz- Plasse) is coming up with a plan to try to win Emma (Christine Ko) over. She is sick and out of the office, so it gives him time to try and devise a good plan. Mason (Shaun Brown) is trying to convince him that he doesn’t need a master plan, he just needs to be himself, because when he is not trying too hard, Clark is very charming. We see another side to him when he goes in to a soup place (to pick out something for Emma) and seems to hit it off with the woman behind the counter. He is absolutely clueless and doesn’t realize that he is smoother than he first thought, leading to some amusing scenes.

Trouble is brewing on the other spectrum. Brooke and Paul have had a fight and cannot come to an agreement about which counsellor would be best for them, she is upset and is done with all things marriage at this point. Enter Roland, who is ready to tell Brooke of his new marriage and introduce his wife Cheryl (played by the fantastic Jane Leeves) to her. Jack steps in and stops the truth from coming out. It’s a bad time to announce such a thing. It is getting harder and harder to keep the secrets hidden. Especially when Roland’s new wife walks in and Brooke think’s it’s the counsellor she has been waiting to meet. Yes that sounds just as chaotic as you might imagine, the truth finally comes out and it is as messy as you think. The way to settle things? Locking them into a room until they have resolved their issues.

Mason and Clark have found their way to Emma’s apartment, she’s surprised to see them and is still holding a grudge over Clark’s head. They were supposed to be closes friends and he had betrayed her by letting her now ex-boyfriend know of the impending break-up. His plan exploded in his face, at least she took the soup. All seemed to be lost, until a sweet moment at Eddie’s when Emma is finally feeling more human. With a friendship like theirs, it’s not worth the other drama, and they both reach a happy medium. When Mason walks in with the girl from the soup store, that’s when Clark really shines, and it finally dawns on Emma, he IS boyfriend material.

It will be interesting to see how it all pans out from here. There is only one episode left in the season, and anything can happen. The characters are enjoyable and the sarcastic wit is on point, it would be a shame to see this show get lost in the archives. And if you were wondering, things worked out between Roland and Brooke. Now for Brooke and Paul, that’s a whole other story. Hopefully one we will find answers to soon.


Rating: 7.5/10

The Season Finale of “The Great Indoors” airs on CBS on Monday, May 8 at 8:30/9:30c.