The Flash (S03E20) “I Know Who You Are”

So for the most part this episode had its up and downs but it was interesting and started off with an interesting beginning to look forward to for the ending of the episode. I sure hope that doesn’t confuse anybody for that first full sentence; anyway this episode was interesting to see it as a H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) centered episode but not only H.R. it was also centered around Barry (Grant Gustin) to become the reveal of who Savitar really is. And I’m proud to say with my reviews I so called who Savitar is!

With this episode being so centered around these two it was a good amount of shared air time between the characters. We also got a first look at Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) villain outfit which I have to say it was definitely a new visual to see than what Earth-2 Killer Frost had back in Season 2. So lets get to the recap of the review!

In this episode: We see Savitar (voiced by Tobin Bell/played by Andre Tricoteux) standing waiting for Barry (Grant Gustin) to come to him. Barry takes off his mask and tells Savitar, “I know who you are”. We are then jumped back to 16 hours earlier where Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) are coming back to Joe’s house after a long run. With both about to pass out from exhaustion, Cecile lays on Joe the words anyone would be happy to hear the words “I love you” but Joe froze and panicked. Saved by a call from Barry, Joe goes to Star Labs to find out about their objective in this episode.

Barry reveals the scientist who creates the prison for Savitar; the scientist name is Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek). When Barry, Cisco (Carlos Valdes), and H.R. (Tom Cavanagh) go to the city’s university they try locating Tracy, but are distracted by a possible fire happening in one of the labs. When they go to take out the fire they find Tracy disappointed that they just took out the flames that were burning all her work which is what she wanted. She is then in a frantic state trying to get out the door but the three of them don’t allow her to leave and try stalling so they can talk with her. Its not long after Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) comes to kill Tracy but with the help of Barry and Cisco she failed.

Tracy then ID’s the one who tried to kill her revealing it to be Killer Frost but once again Tracy tries catching a bus to who knows where. Joe tells Barry to keep an eye on her, the team then meets up with her at Jitters Coffee shop to try to convince her to work with Team Flash. H.R. and Tracy then get into talking about a top secret research shes been conducting on speedsters. Tracy then reveals her theory but before she could say more H.R. looked at his coffee to reveal its been frozen, he then suggests they should leave. Barry then comes to save H.R. and Tracy from Killer Frost. Killer Frost then glides on a icy trail across the city to try again to kill Tracy. Barry is then forced to save Cisco as he froze from not being able to attack Killer Frost. Leaving Killer Frost to run away again. When Tracy sees Barry/Flash is involved she comes to Star Labs and is amazed but also disappointed in where The Flash’s lair is.

When Barry reveals to Tracy her “destiny” about how she creates a prison to capture Savitar in the speed force. Tracy is amazed that shes not crazy that her theories are actually real. But also over whelms her and runs to need time to think. H.R. and Tracy then meet up again but at her favorite thinking spot and they have a long and lovely talk. Killer Frost comes to Savitar but gets lash for not succeeding, Savitar convinces Killer Frost to take a new approach in succeeding to kill Tracy. Joe and Cecile then have a rude visit from Killer Frost, Joe hopelessly watches Killer Frost take Cecile but promises to give her back if Joe comes with Tracy alone to the location given.

When Barry, Cisco, Tracy, and Joe arrive at the location; Killer Frost is there in hopes Barry would show up. When Killer Frost and Barry at the same time start saying the exact same words as to what Barry would say to Killer Frost to make her stop. Cisco started noticing an eerily spot on mark of the talk. Before Killer Frost could detonate the small explosion Cisco vibes through a portal but gets hit by a part of the blast. When Cisco finally gets Killer Frost knocked out they take a sample of her blood. Savitar then stops Cisco by tossing him across the room and tells Barry something and speeds off with Killer Frost.

As Barry, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), Iris (Candice Patton), and Joe all get caught up how it was for Wally and how Joe told Cecile everything about Barry being the Flash and Wally being Kid Flash. Barry remembers what Killer Frost of the future 2024 told Barry he would be surprised in who Savitar is. Barry remembers how Cisco told how Barry and Killer Frost were speaking at the same time was as if Savitar was there. Barry also remembers when Savitar was possessing Julian (Tom Felton) “I am the Future Flash”. Barry puts everything together and tells everyone he needs to go.

At the end of the episode: Barry speeds off to the docks telling Savitar to show himself. Savitar comes and Barry tells him everything with him is all about time the past, the present, the future, he knows everything thats going to happen because he’s lived it already. Barry then tells Savitar he knows who he is, Savitar says its about time. Savitar opens the suit and an Evil Barry comes out of the suit saying to Barry “I told you before I am the Future Flash.” (I so called this! I always knew it was going to be Future Barry)

Next episode: The Flash(S03E21):”Cause And Effect” airs May 9, 2017