The Life of Katie Gill (Elle on Baby Daddy)

unspecified1 - The Life of Katie Gill (Elle on Baby Daddy)
Katie Gill

Growing up in the midst of movies and television, Katie Gill is a note-worthy actress with amazing roles on her résumé. She comes from a family of entertainers as her mother is a well-known actress and her father, a stunt coordinator/second unit director. Along with her brother she grew up watching her parents in the industry.

After graduating high school, Katie began her modeling career working for various print agencies which relocated her to Osaka, Japan. Upon moving back to Los Angeles, Katie transitioned to acting and attended the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio. After completing the intensive program, she traveled to London to fine-tune her craft at the famous Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

She is an avid snowboarder, dancer (Tap, Jazz, and hip hop) and dirt bike rider. She has been all over the world and enjoys her fast-paced lifestyle with her family.

Katie can currently be seen as ‘Elle’ the mystery girl that ‘Ben Wheeler’ [Jean-Luc Bilodeau] is enthusiastically searching for in Freeform’s hit comedy Baby Daddy. Other notable credits include ‘Gladys Gergich’ in Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, Scrubs, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and The Middle among others.

1. At the age of 19 you began your career in acting. How did you transition into acting?

I was always a shy person during my school years so when I started high school I decided to take some theater classes to try to “come out of my shell.” I always loved singing and dancing as a child and acting went along with that so when I got into theater I fell in love with it! Once I graduated from high school I entered college, continued taking acting classes, got an agent and started my career.

2. While being in the spotlight at a young age, how much influence did your mom have on you as she already was a part of the industry?

I have always looked up to my mom. She has been the best role model and my best friend. I grew up watching her act in TV shows, movies, and theater and I wanted to be just like her. It was such a cool experience growing up having both my parents in the industry (my dad being a stunt coordinator) and seeing both sides of the acting world and the stunt world. My mom used to teach my friends and I dance routines to musicals while my dad would be teaching us how to ride motorcycles, it was awesome! My life was always exciting, visiting sets and traveling to different locations with my mom, dad and brother. My mom always told me to do whatever I wanted to do. When I mentioned I wanted to be an actress, she asked me if I was sure. Once I started acting she was right there with me listening to all my crazy audition stories and helping me learn dialogue for auditions and work.

3. What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them? What would you say should be one’s motto in life?

Being an actor in the industry one has to deal with a lot of rejection and it can be very difficult to continue believing in yourself. Confidence has always been a struggle for me especially when it comes to my career. I always try to stay strong and remind myself to believe in “me”. I think one’s motto in life should be to never give up. If you are doing something you truly love and have a passion for, keep at it and you’ll eventually get to where you want to be.

unspecified2 - The Life of Katie Gill (Elle on Baby Daddy)
Katie Gill.

4. Diversity in such an industry plays a huge impact. Other than acting what are your hobbies and how much of it would you like to make it into a career?

I really love to sing and I always have. Singing makes me so happy, especially the old Jazz standards. I also love to do tap and Jazz dancing. I often go snowboarding as well and I’ve been snowboarding with family and friends for seventeen years now. I would love to one day act in a movie that requires me to sing and dance! Like maybe a live action Disney movie.

5. Having made guest appearances in a lot of notable shows such as HIMYM and The Middle. What would you say is common in these comedy sets? What is it like making an appearance as a guest star?

I really enjoy filming comedy shows the most because many times you tape in front of a live audience and there’s an adrenaline rush and instant reaction from the audience. One of my most memorable guest star spots was on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I remember working with Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton and having so much fun on set. Even though it was a short scene we still had a lot of fun shooting and there was a moment where Charlie Day couldn’t stop laughing at Glenn and it was hard for me to keep a straight face as well. Also in the TV show The League I had a lot of fun because the scene was all improvised. We just had a scenario of what to do and had fun with where the scene took us! Making an appearance as a guest star can get a little nerve racking because you are the newcomer into the show and everyone else on set already knows each other and are like a family so it’s almost like being the new kid at a new school and joining in the middle of the year.

6. Currently playing Elle in Baby Daddy, what would you say your character is like? And how similar or different are you compared to Elle?

Elle is a combination of someone quirky yet determined. She doesn’t quite have everything together and she can be unsure of herself but she is hopeful and always believes in love. I am actually pretty similar to Elle in my personal life. I tend to second-guess myself sometimes and I’m a bit quirky haha. I am always hopeful and I relate to Elle in the sense of being a bit on the innocent side. I do believe in love like Elle but I will say I am more of a realist when it comes to life.

7. While the title itself gives away the theme, how would you describe the show and what made you take up the role in it?

This show is super fun to work on! I got so blessed to book this role and to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people to work with. Everyone is a big family and they are all supportive of each other and like to have fun on and off set. I really love my character, Elle, because I like that she has this mystery about her and it makes the audience wonder who she is. When I auditioned for this role, I remember I face-timed my mom (she was in Atlanta at the time) and she helped coach me for the audition and I got a callback, which I was so excited about! I remember going into the callback and being nervous, but I told myself to just have so much fun with it and “go for it”! That’s exactly what I did and I booked it!

baby daddy - The Life of Katie Gill (Elle on Baby Daddy)
Katie Gill currently plays Elle on Baby Daddy.

8. In terms of movies, do you plan on doing tv for long term or do you want to star in movies? And since we are speaking of movies what are your favorites?

I definitely have done more TV in my career, but I would like to get into doing more films. I love the fun of playing different characters in different films and switching things up. I hope to transition more into films, but I do love TV as well, especially the closeness of working on a TV show and getting to experience the journey one’s character goes on. Some of my favorite movies are When Harry Met Sally, Forrest Gump, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Scream, and Singin’ in the Rain. I usually fluctuate between watching thrillers, comedies, and musicals.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I am getting married in September of this year so I’m thinking in five years I hope to possibly have started a family and to be continuing to do what I love; acting in TV and film. I also hope to progress in my love for singing. I’d love to start possibly writing my own music or recording cover songs to get my voice out there. I also want to give more time to charity and travel.

10. Where will we see you in the best future?

You can look for me on Baby Daddy in these final episodes! After that? Stay tuned!

Baby Daddy airs on Wednesday 8:30/7:30c on Freeform.

Photo Credit: Oliver Endahl, Kelly Fajack and Alexandra Wyman