Bull (S01E20) “Make Me”


Troy Dickerson (Brendan Dooling) hits his father with a golf club at a driving range. He’s dead by way of a 4 iron.

Troy loves his father and denies he murdered him. He doesn’t remember, although he is recorded on tape doing the deed.  Dr Bull is called in to consult on a psych evaluation for his sanity.

Jason tests Troy and determines he was brainwashed to kill.  He’s very susceptible to hypnosis and was psychologically kidnapped. He determines the 25-year-old NYU grad was in an altered state and triggered to kill. Find the trigger and you’ll find the programmer and killer. He was merely the loaded weapon, like a gun.

Due to Benny’s skepticism and other things, he’s not on the case. Bull appoints Reed (Desmin Borges).  They must find a way to introduce,” the power of suggestion” with someone who is truly on board.  That’s Reed; and he did a remarkable job.  He even persuaded the entire jury to wear red by…power of suggestion. He’s clever and was quite funny during this process.

The Lumansic Society (Lum meaning light) is an Alternative Learning Center. Troy is a member and Bull concludes the cult triggered him.  It is run by Thornton Gray (James McCaffrey), the founder, and his daughter Rachel  Gray (Caroline Kaplan).

Chunk and Danny infiltrate and go undercover. In an attempt at humor, I suppose, Chunk is embraced immediately by Thornton; Danny has to make an appointment for the tour. ‘Willing to be Patty Hurst or Donnie Brasco,’ Chunk goes in! Regardless, he is warned, ”Do not drink the Kool Aid!” 

Before his very private session with Thornton, Chunk’s phone is confiscated by Rachel. “No phones allowed!” Right here, I sensed the means of accessing the clients subconscious and the trigger; their cell phones!  AND I knew ‘who done it!’   

It is revealed, the believed “shooter,” Dr Thornton, was actually the target. Troy was supposed to be with Thornton at the time of the attack on his dad. Of course it took the entire episode to see if I was right!

It comes full circle when the music plays during cross and Bull is choked in the courtroom by Troy.  It was serious, yet I smiled.  Is that wrong?

Meanwhile, in the ongoing subplot of “What’s eating Gilbert Grape…er Benny,” we finally have a sit down.  In a touching moment between the brothers…in law, Benny comes clean with his burdens, woes and the inevitable showdown, “arrest and trial”.  Bull tells Benny not to worry because,”Whoever comes after you (Benny) has to come thru me first. We’re family!” Awww. And in this moment, I cared. ♡♡♡☆♡

New episodes of Bull usually air, Tuesday, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time.