Chicago PD (S04E21): “Fagin”


I really enjoyed this episode of Chicago PD. It was fresh, funny, and heartwarming.

Hailey Upton, the officer Hank stole this episode’s case from,  would be a wonderful addition to Intelligence. I’m happy the writers went with a female replacement for Burgess because her absence would seem even more impactful if Erin was constantly surrounded by males.

I love seeing the officer’s reactions to the cases they are involved with. Erin is emotional about the young criminal she shot and killed. I find the justice side of crimes interesting too, as mentioned in this episode, at one point it seemed like Erin could be in trouble for killing a young black teen, but she had no idea who was under the motorcycle helmet.

I find Erin and Jay’s relationship interesting as well. I wonder what exactly Jay was proposing with the story at the beginning of the episode about a couple who lived in separate houses but never divorced. I guess I just don’t quite expect something like that from Jay since he was the one who moved out and needed space. Space and a relationship don’t usually happen at the same time…but, I am slightly biased and would love to see them back together.

Overall Rating: A +