NCISNOLA (S03E22) “Knockout”


It’s fight night in the Big Easy; Navy vs. Marines. With Hamilton on the sidelines…sum’n is about to go down!! The Marine is knocked out; Navy Petty Officer Rudd (Rome Flynn) wins.  But he jumps out of the ring almost immediately, when a man stabbed multiple times stumbles to him and dies in his arms. His last words: “trust in the word.” It’s Navy Chaplain Morgan, from Clearwater. BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

Pride and LaSalle visit Percy, bringing jelly beans.  Wiretapping the mayor’s office backfired, big time!  Pride calls in favors; Hamilton calls in 2! Percy’s playing her jail time like time off  and a much needed vacay.  She’s not in General Population, so she’s safe. (And an Anvil drops here.) The guys have a case and must leave. The parting looks between LaSalle and Percy are everything! ♡♡   

Shortly thereafter, Percy calls her “country mouse,” sniffling and “skerred” for her life. Yep. She’s put in G.P. almost immediately after their visit. LaSalle tells her to do whatever she has to do to get out of that situation.  He’s gonna do everything he can to get her out. ♡♡ …so she walks into the yard and jumps a guard!  She’s beat down. I screamed & she smiled thru blooded teeth as they took her away to the hole.

The team’s called to the fight arena. Hamilton’s there and, because he was at ringside, he’s a witness.  He takes the opportunity to taunt Pride.  He makes it clear: no one’s off limits…even his team! He’s obviously still pissed about the wiretap. I think these guys went to school together or have some really long history as young adults. I’ll have to refresh my memory or do a weekend marathon👀

Shots are fired at the chaplain’s Baptist Church in Clearwater. Officer Rudd is beating down Carlton Boone (Arjay Smith), a gang leader in Clearwater. Carlton claims he was here to light a candle of respect for the fallen chaplain. He claims Morgan had brokered a truce between the rival gangs. Someone broke it. Morgan was investigating…it wasn’t them. Pride believes it’s Hamilton and this is what got him killed. He had found the new threat and had proof.  “Trust in the Word” was the clue. 

Meanwhile, back at Loretta’s, fiberglass found during Morgan’s autopsy, leads to a boatyard. There’s a shootout. The perp gets away after a beat down by Pride. Yet the boatyard links Hamilton.

Back at the office, Patton’s tablet is confiscated by the FBI. AUSA Karen Izzo (Sharon Conley) is no longer friendly towards Pride since he blew the wiretap.  She warned him!  Clearly working the letter of the law that supports Hamilton, Patton’s under investigation for cyber-crimes.  He’s to stay away from all things computer…till further notice! He apparently complies, and then goes to the M.E offices to use Loretta’s computers!

Hamilton is going after the team in an attempt to isolate Pride and cripple him. *sigh. I really liked this guy. Though he was a rascal, I thought him harmless and salvageable. Not anymore.

Bravo Steve Weber👍as Mayor Hamilton. ‘Convincing! ☆☆☆♡♡♡

NCIS New Orleans, airs Tuesday, 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time