The Originals (S04E07) “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter”

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What a jammed pack episode of action, murder, suspense — just everything! Thank you for writing a stellar episode Carina Mackenzie and Celeste Vasquez, directed by our own Charles Michael Davis!

 Trading Places: (No, not the Eddie Murphy movie!) Elijah and Klaus.

You know sometimes when you get a strange feeling? (Yeah, y’all know what I’m talking about.) All I can say: that is what happened to me last night watching “The Originals” … The 360 degrees of Elijah’s character whiplash began. But wait, Klaus is suddenly this lovable cuddly teddy bear? Since when? Don’t get me wrong, I do not watch this show with blinders on. Elijah can get things done when he has to to. He is the partner to his brother in dirty deeds, when family matters need attending too… BUT Elijah has shown growth in his character. He was always a bit more refined in his ways of doing things. Elijah has changed for the better and that is because of his love for Hayley, Hope and his family. People can change you (Original vampire and all!). And the same could be said for Klaus; his love for Camille and Hope have opened his heart to be a better man. The writers insisting Elijah is this cold-blooded thug out of nowhere, to me, smells like nothing but plot point agenda.

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The Hope Chronicles: “I’m seven; not stupid.”

Hope Mikaelson, is the brightest star in the sky and truly the redemption of Klaus Mikaelson and family. You cannot help but love this child. When it comes time for her to meet Uncle Marcel, you find yourself giggling and rooting for these two! We call them #Marope! (Remember that!) This child has every bit of Mikaelson and Lebonair pulsing through her little veins. Marcel tries to bribe Miss. Sassy. Um, try again Marcellus, “I’m seven, not stupid.” – Hope says! Every time she spoke I found myself just cooing with her adult-like speak to everyone around her. “I’m not afraid. I’m a Mikaelson witch.” – Hope to Marcel. (This is while they were hiding out in the basement and Marcel was protecting her.)  I absolutely loved when she told him, “We’re family.”…Awe….that “we stick together….Always and Forever.” (It reminded me so much of her Mom! What she said to her Uncle Elijah!) Hope’s confessions to Dad: “I let Marcel out and he kept me safe. Don’t be angry with Marcel either. He’s my friend.” Maybe making the adults (hello, Klaus) realize how much he really does love and miss his son.

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Klarcel reunited and it feels so what?… good?

I must admit I am so glad all this bad blood between Klaus and Marcel is finally OVER! They are finally back together! (As it always should have been.) They’re working to protect their family and their city! Klaus and Marcel have a chat. “I won’t let it take you.” (He is talking about the HOLLA!) “The only way to survive is if we work together.” Klaus can be so sentimental, too. “You told her to close her eyes and sing… I used to say that to you when you were young.” (Marcel was singing to Hope; the same way Klaus did to Marcel when he was a kid!) These two are two peas in a pod. “Like father, like son.”

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Freelin, finally it’s happened for them!

Wave your hands in the air if you love #Freelin! Last night’s episode, the drama was ratcheted up a thousand notches. All the buildup, angst, and longing finally reached a zenith. They kissed! This only happened after Freya was attacked and nearly killed by that HOLLA FOOL Dominic. (UGH, can we all agree to just not like him?) Anyone against any Mikaelson at this point is just BAD, BAD, BAD! Thank our stars that Keelin is a doctor and in love with our precious Freya, enough that she refuses to leave her. She revived her just in the nick of time. Freya is alive! It’s time to regroup and kill these HOLLA fools.

vincent and elijah may 6 17 - The Originals (S04E07) “High Water and a Devil’s Daughter”

Vincent and Elijah: It’s complicated.

Say what you want about Elijah, he is loyal as they come! Vincent is being ignorant and righteous on his pedestal. (Um, excuse me.) Don’t think so Vincent! Remember your wife Eva St. Claire and the extremes you went to protect her? Yeah, I thought so. Don’t be judging and getting all up in Elijah’s face about Davina. PLEASE. NOT. EVEN. HEARING. THIS. A man has got to do what he must do to protect his loved ones, you understand? SO, Elijah does the harvest ritual to save Hope and Hayley from the HOLLA. You are there to do your part, so do it.


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HELLO, from the other side! It’s me, Davina.

Raise your hands up now. How many of you are tired of Sofya? (ME) Is it time for her to have her day of reckoning? So, how in the hell did she come back after Dominic stabbed her with the Papa Tunde blade? Real Deal HOLLA ANYONE? We need Davina for this!!!! AND Ms. Davina Claire is back, bitches, so beware! Hello from the other side is right! She was trying to send a message. “I will be returning. I’m coming back!” The Harvest Queen herself appears to us in the last few minutes of the episode. Remember Vincent saying this? “Davina Claire is the most important ally that we got.” HYPOCRITICAL of you to say though, no? Even though the spell brought Davina back in some form to help… So, I guess the sacrifice that made was not all for naught? Blaming who again? *crickets*

A trip to Mystic Falls anyone?

Wow, big anvil mentioned in tonight’s episode. Tyler Lockwood and Mystic Falls, but one thing, do they know he is dead? (SPOILER ALERT) Also this means that Alaric Saltzman is coming to NOLA with what they need: “HOLLA BONES” to kill the HOLLA! I wonder who is going on the road trip to get ’em? Elijah Mikaelson, um hum?

“High Water and a Devils Daughter” Random Thoughts:

  • The lack of Elijah and Hayley was really felt this week! We miss them, bring back our Haylijah!
  • Hayley and Hope both have matching crescent marks? They are both marked with the curse? This cannot be good! Inquiring minds want to know.
  • Josh, we always love your comedic timing in every episode! Kudos to Stephen Kruger!

Thank you for reading. Until next week!

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