Scandal (S06E013) “The Box”


Review: This episode was very intense and it takes place on the same day as last week’s episode 6-12.


As the episode begins we see Luna Vargas thanking Mellie for the nominee and in the first minute of the show, the real action begins. We find out that there are nine drones throughout America. Olivia gets a phone call from Peus telling her that he wants his president back. At this moment, Olivia thinks that he is bluffing because she assumes he does not have the resources to carry out this plan. Olivia, you need to understand by now that Peus does not bluff and he detonates the bomb in Dallas. Rowan is watching this unfold on the television with Olivia in the bunker and he says he would rather have a drink because it might be his last before he runs. Olivia does not want to give up this war they’re at, even though the people closest to her got hurt. In the Oval, there’s another meeting with the super-secret band and while this meeting took place I kept asking myself: Why is Marcus in there? Olivia says that they still have Ruland and maybe she could talk. Fitz gave Jake a look, and I have to admit Jake was pretty awesome in this episode; the B-613 came in handy. Jake tries to get information out of Ruland but she’s not budging and he pushes her neck down and cuts it open to get a tracker out. Huck is at the White House helping them to crack the tracker. We then see Abby, but in this episode she doesn’t seem like Fitz’s right-hand, and she’s not in the situation room with Fitz. Meanwhile, Huck is still trying to hack into the trackers main location only to find out that Peus has overridden it. Peus then calls Olivia and tells her that he still wants his associate and Mellie. Now Olivia says she doesn’t have the power to do anything because she’s not the president and Peus asks if she is the president. Peus then detonated another drone in Philadelphia. Olivia and Fitz go to the bunker to try and find out if Rowan might have any useful information about their common enemy. They have another argument and Fitz lunges to Rowan and grabs him by the collar because he thinks Rowan might be working with Peus. Fitz lets go of Rowan and he starts talking about the Republic, only for Rowan to shout at him, saying that there is no Republic.


In Abby’s office, Fitz tells her that they need to dispatch FEMA support in Dallas and Philadelphia. However, Cyrus states this is not a wise idea because if the other seven bombs were to go off, there would be no help in those other cities. David tells Olivia about the packages Rowan has been receiving for weeks. Cyrus tells Fitz and Jake they need to start getting creative with Ruland to make her talk. This scene made me feel happy because I was thinking maybe the crazy political monster is back. However, Fitz shoots down this idea because he still believes in the constitution. Cyrus then comes up with another brilliant plan, and tells them that they should just lie to Ruland since she has no access to TVs or radios. Jake then goes to the room and tells Ruland that they have Peus, and they don’t need her anymore. Ruland starts to believe this story and asks for immunity instead. She says that she will reveal things about Peus. In the meantime, Olivia asks Huck to find out more about the boxes Rowan keeps on getting. There’s footage of Rowan getting these boxes and looking completely mortified. In these boxes we see that Rowan was just getting bricks; so bricks are scary now? Huck notices that the boxes weighed the same and he thought maybe the bricks just added weight to what was really inside the box. Before David goes to Ruland, Jake even warns him not to get witty or too close. In the room, Ruland mentions her real name to David and asks him if they can start over. Like, is she really serious right now? Ruland then discovers this is all fake because, when David lies, he twitches. Now she would know that because she did spend a lot of time with David whereas with Jake, she does not know him. David then punches Ruland and asks her, “Am I twitchy now?” Best line out of this scene. Fitz makes another attempt to talk to Rowan and he tells him about not being in control. Fitz even says that he admires the man who killed his son…  Rowan says that Fitz will never understand freedom because he’s never been in chains, and he explains what the brick in the box represents: a head. One day that head could end up being Olivia’s in the box and Rowan is still trying to protect his daughter.


In the situation room, Cyrus and Fitz are working together, and it was so good to see these two. Cyrus is at his best when he’s Fitz’ right-hand man. (No offense to Abby). Fitz and Olivia have a moment in the Oval but they’re interrupted by Rowan who wants to apologize and help. Wait, Rowan wants to apologize? Rowan goes to the room that Ruland is in,and he takes the gun from the security guard. Rowan then shoots the guard in the leg and asks for the passcode to the tunnels. Rowan tells Ruland if he saves her, he needs a guarantee for freedom, and he leaves the room with Ruland. Finally a scene with Olivia and Mellie and it was all about female empowerment! In Rowan.s room filled with dinosaurs, he tells Peus that he deserves to be free after all he’s done, and Peus agrees with him. Peus leaves the room and Rowan makes a call. We see flashbacks of a scene and we find out Fitz, Jake, and Rowan made an amazing plan to take down their enemy. We then see Rowan telling Ruland to look in the box, and he stabs her with the last dinosaur tooth as Jake shoots Peus.


As much as I love the idea of the all-female Oval, I have to say the men of Scandal really carried this episode. Jake was amazing, and Fitz was being the president we all hope to see, as well as Rowan, who put his hatred aside and came up with a plan.