Empire (S03E15) “Civil Hands Unclean”


Every week, I attempt to connect the episode’s title to what we see, trying to make sense of it. I’m at 2%, so far. When Angelo accepts $5million for his scholarship program from the Lyons as a peace offering, perhaps these are the “Civil (Service) Hands, Unclean?”

Or perhaps it refers to Mama Dubois, the “Fake Ass Claire Huxtable” (nice shout out, here) and pillar of the affluent society’s charity and community services.  After Cookie breaks her “only son’s heart” she vowed not to stop “till  all the Lyons are burned to the ground.”  With a bootleg and smuggling family history, she just may “know a thing or two and can do a thing or two.”   She’s just protecting her family’s honor and… her cub. Cookie knows a little sum’ n about that. 

For example, Cookie attempts to stop Andre from hitting Lucious, after he “steals” the Vegas project from him.  She propositions what seems like all of North Philly’s gang bangers, with promises to make the Vegas affair a family affair. The plan is simple; they’ll take Vegas after Lucious does all the work. They all eat a home cooked meal at Cookie’s in celebration.

Nevertheless, over and beyond the “family feuds,” Snoop Dogg (himself) and his new artist, October London, are in the house of Empire. They’re collaborating with Lucious on the Inferno release.  Snoop wants to do what he did with “The Chronic” and Dr. Dre. They’re at odds on common interest, creative aspirations, ultimate investments and Jamal!

Snoop is looking for Jamal; where is he? Jamal brings a different demographic and he wants him.  However, with the genius of Lucious bringing the genre to Vegas, all they need is Lucious,,,per Lucious!

Jamal is completing his “Cooucious” project and doesn’t want Inferno. Snoop backs out of the Vegas move.  It ain’t in his best interest, per his banker, last name…Dubois! Lucious is pissed, thinking of Angelo.  Ergo the aforementioned $5Million gift to stop the “clap backs.” 

Hakeem has a hot tub float of ”vanilla & chocolate,” Tiana and Tory in a menage-a-trois. He remains elated and elevated on being a dad and he wants full parental rights with the birth certificate to reflect this. He asks Lucious.  ♩.♩.♩.

Jamal just wants to make music. He wants the family to work together and Lucious to expand his consciousness.  Lucious agrees. (Does Lucious really know what the word means–consciousness?)

In good faith, it seems, the entire family has dinner together.  Lucious gives $25m to Anika and a divorce.  He’s setting her free.  At the same table, Lucious gives a birth certificate to Hakeem, declaring he’s the baby’s daddy… just as armed CPS authorities pick up Bella. 

Stay tuned.

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