Ash vs Evil Dead (S01E06) “The Killer of Killers”

The red Dodge Charger screams into Brujo’s place stopping abruptly. Chaos and fire litter the surrounding landscape. Mystery Woman and Special Agent Fisher decide to walk around the desolate premises searching for Ash.

Mystery Woman ventures inside and takes note of all the Shamanistic knick knacks adorning the house. She utters a phrase in Spanish and asks a goat if it has seen a “one handed asshole.” At that moment, a car backfires and outside Fisher sees Ash’s trailer moving down the road.

Then the tracking shot of evil moving through the field toward Brujo’s property is seen. All of a sudden, the Brujo’s funeral pyre starts popping and some skeleton rises from the flames. Skeletor rushes toward Fisher to attack her. She gets a round off when Mystery Woman steps in.

Skeletor knows her and addresses her by name. “Ruby, you double crosser. You think we would let you have the book?” Ruby then lunges at Skeletor and they fall into the pyre; flames shoot into the air and both vanish.

Fisher jumps into the Charger. Ash’s hand has disappeared. She starts the car and peels out. Evil is closing in behind her.

Ash and the Ghostbeaters are having breakfast at the Western Moose. He makes a proclamation to Kelly and Pablo that he knows how to end everything by going back to the cabin where it all began. Of course, Kelly and Pablo want to do this immediately but Ash has other plans. He informs them that he has already put their lives in danger enough. They will end up possessed and he will have to cut their heads off.

Pablo and Kelly begin to voice their disagreements. Finally, Ash tells them he will think about it to shut them up. At this point in the discussion, a random guy appears at the table. Apparently, he and Ash go way back because Ash introduces him to the Ghostbeaters as “Lem.” Lem asks Ash if he can talk to him privately.

Outside the building, Fisher is observing the action with binoculars in the Charger. Inside the Moose, Lem is trying to persuade Ash to let him use his Value Stop discount to buy toilet paper and ammo. He then tells Ash that he has joined the militia and that there are plenty of toys that Ash could play with if he stopped by. With a hellish melee looming at the cabin in the woods, Ash decides to get directions to the camp and to load up on future weaponry.

Back at the table Kelly asks Pablo why he is acting weird. Pablo tells Kelly all about her behavior while she was under the influence of Eligos. He tells her that she tried to get it on with him and then she tried to kill him.

Kelly apologizes to Pablo and he asks her point blank if she had feelings for him or if it was the demon talking. Before Kelly can answer, Ash returns to the table. They try to settle up the bill. Pablo and Kelly chime in and tell Ash that he said he was going to pay. Slightly annoyed, Ash sends the two of them back to the trailer while he figures out how to pay $22.89 for the meal.

Outside in the Charger, Fisher dials her former boss with the Michigan State Police and tells him that Ash is in The Western Moose and that he is the one responsible for the trailer park murders. Her boss tells her to sit tight and that they are on their way. However, we can also see that evil is following close behind and making its way toward The Western Moose.

Pablo and Kelly are having an awkward time in the trailer. Finally, Pablo breaks down and tells her that he understands she was possessed but he is confused about her feelings. He wants to know if part of her wanted him. Kelly explains that she thinks Pablo is very sweet and that the demon must have used that against her.

Visibly disappointed, Pablo shrugs it off with, “F%$# that demon!” All of a sudden, the two of them hear a loud knocking coming from the trunk where the Necronomicon is stashed. Pablo notices his uncle Brujo’s necklace is having a reaction to the book.

Kelly opens the trunk and the book comes flying out and attaches itself to Pablo’s chest. They wrestle with it for a while and the Necronomicon tosses Kelly and Pablo in opposite directions. After they shake it off, Pablo emphatically states, “We have to lock that shit up!”

Inside the Moose, Ash begins to hit on the waitress big time because he doesn’t have the dough to pay the bill. This part of the show was absolutely hysterical! One of the trademarks of Evil Dead has always been its corny humor. The story that Ash tells about his friend who is a master at stringing tennis rackets is priceless culminating in this horrendous pick up line, “Would you like me to string your racket?”

The hits just keep on coming with the fast and furious Ash one-liners. When the waitress tells him that her husband is the cook and points him out, Ash replies, “You’re going to want to leave your husband for me, but I can’t let that happen. Family values.”  Then he tells her to meet him in the bathroom in three minutes.

Kelly and Pablo are in the midst of piling weights and anything heavy on top of the trunk so that the Necronomicon can’t get out. Pablo is recounting all the ways that they could destroy the book. Kelly keeps telling him they can’t because Ash told them they would need it to fight the Deadites. In disbelief, Pablo accuses Kelly of wanting to extract revenge. Despite being locked up, the knocking begins again.

Ash is preparing for his rendezvous in the bathroom by crunching up cinnamon mints in water and using them as cologne. This had me laughing pretty hard by this point. However, when he looks in the mirror and says, “I’d do me all day long,” it becomes extremely comical.  Unbeknownst to Ash, there is a boy in one of the bathroom stalls, listening to the action.

The door opens and Ash thinks it is the waitress but Fisher comes flying in with her gun locked and loaded. She tells Ash he is under arrest and then starts frisking him.  This action, of course, is another chance for him to be suggestive. They start wrestling which culminates in them ending up in a compromising position against a wall. Distracted by her ample cleavage, Fisher knees Ash in the crotch and then proceeds to toss him into the urinal.

They exit the bathroom only to run into Fisher’s former boss who is none too happy about her arrest. Before anything can happen, Evil slams into the Moose and the Deadite fun begins. The waitress and Fisher’s former boss transform into demons and, before you know it, blood and carnage are everywhere.

Do Ash and Fisher make it out alive? Will Kelly and Pablo figure out what to do with the Necronomicon? Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!










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