Balance is key in the Last Man On Earth’s solid third season. A Review of The Season’s Final 7 Episodes

Review of the final 7 episodes of season 3:

It has been a while since I have reviewed an episode of The Last Man On Earth, so I will just recap and review the final 7 episodes in one. A lot has happened since my last review. We didn’t know if Gail was still alive, Todd was still dealing with Melissa and the group had a lot of insecurities about Erica and Carol’s pregnancies.

After Lewis’ death in episode 11, we quickly find out that Gail is still alive when she returns to the building. The group had no idea what she had gone through, but after she is back, things go back to normal pretty fast. It gets interesting again when Carol and Gail take a picture together, something Gail had finally agreed on. Carol finds a yoda in the back of the picture so she, Tandy and Erica try to find who the mysterious creature could be. It turns out to be Jasper, a young kid who apparently has been living on his own for quite a while. Jasper is a quiet guy, and even Tandy, with his childlike behavior, can’t bond with him or get him to speak.

Erica and Carol’s pregnancies have been discussed quite often as well. While Erica and Carol are mostly insecure about the pregnancy and delivery of the baby, Tandy is scared about parenthood and how he will be as a father.

A longer ongoing storyline on the show is Melissa and her mental instability. Todd has been trying to help her out ever since she shot and killed Darrel in the season premiere, but hasn’t made much progress. He goes with her and Tandy to Akron to find out about Melissa’s past and when that reveals that she used to take some kind of medicine before the virus, Todd has to figure out what kind of pill this is.

That’s when the show jumps 6 months ahead. By the start of episode 16 we can see that quite a few things have changed. Erica and Gail are in some kind of a romantic relationship now, both Erica and Carol’s baby bumps have significantly grown, Jasper finally talks and Melissa seems to be all better now. I didn’t like the idea of a time jump at first, but I think it moved the storylines ahead just enough to make for some interesting new developments:

The group is getting ready for Todd and Melissa’s big day. They are getting married after a long period of ups and downs between the two. More importantly however are the two pregnancies. Erica is getting closer to her due date, as well as Carol, who agreed to let Tandy deliver the baby. This is not something she wants, but it’s hard for her to tell him that she actually wants Gail to deliver the baby. Tandy tries to convince everybody that he can be a good OBGYN, but fails in a way only Tandy can (has anybody else ever tried to deliver a baby from Jell-O??). In previous episodes, Tandy already expressed his feelings about becoming a father, he is obviously excited, but scared at the same time. And in this episode he shows that he isn’t just scared about becoming a father, but also at the thought of possibly losing the baby or Carol and just be a helpless bystander (like he was with the surgery of Phil #2). But he eventually agrees to let Gail deliver their baby and Gail compromises and tells Tandy he can be her and Todd’s flight attendant.

They resolve this problem just in time before Erica comes in and tells them her water broke. While the first half hour of the double episode finale focuses on the obvious, Erica’s delivery, the last half hour shows us another unexpected threat.

After some complications, Erica eventually delivers a healthy daughter, Dawn, with the help of the entire group, including a sometimes very annoying Tandy. I really liked this part of the episode because it focused on how the group can work together even though they all have fears about what could go wrong.

The last part of the episode shows us that there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. Tandy and Jasper discover a big fire at a nuclear power plant and inform the group that they have to leave to go to a place where there are no nuclear threats. Tandy is afraid to tell Carol, who is happy at the office building because it is the best place to deliver and raise their child. So instead of telling her the truth, he takes her and their tiny house (that eventually burns to the ground) while she is sleeping, away from the nuclear fire. When she finds out what’s going on she gets scared about the future of her baby, even more than she was before. But there is not much time to worry about that because the group finds out that the only possible way to escape any nuclear disasters is by going to Mexico by boat. And the only way to get there is Malibu, the place they had to leave because Pat wanted to kill them.

They finally get to the west coast and pick out a boat, only to get a scary visit of Pat who is indeed still out there to kill them. He is getting ready to shoot his gun, but instead gets shot in the head by Pamela who finally found the gang…

The season’s final scene was a great metaphor of the entire show, balancing fear (of Pat hurting anybody) with laughter (of Pamela’s entrance). The Last Man On Earth knows how to successfully combine drama with humor, and even during the more emotional scenes there’s always Tandy to make a (most of the time not so) clever joke. Even though not all dramatic scenes always work for me, there are always other scenes that make up for it. And while Tandy’s behavior can become very annoying at times, the show puts the focus just right to make us realize he is doing it all out of love.

This is something that makes the show unique. The topics discussed can be sad or scary, but the show is not afraid to talk about them and explore them in a serious, yet funny way. Balance is key in the show’s solid third season, which ended with two great episodes and enough stories to go on for another season!

Thanks for reading my reviews this season. I hope to see you back in the fall for season 4!