Chicago Justice (S01E12) “Fool Me Twice”


“Fool Me Twice” was a good, but not great, episode of Chicago Justice, a show that is still very much finding itself.

The ending of this episode was unsatisfying, of course, but more so, it did not seem to make sense. I understand that Peter cannot win every trial, and if he did this it would be a fairly boring show. However, this was the first one we have seen him lose, and it just didn’t feel right. The jury seemed to be on his side the whole time. What changed so quickly?

Other parts of the episode were a little confusing, much of the investigation included. I think part of the confusion is because everything happens so fast and every small detail is important.  I enjoyed bringing in Narcotics and Forensics, though, and truly hope to see more of them in the future. It expands the show and brings a lot of interesting insight and a fresh perspective to the episodes.

Also, I would really like to know how the one Narcotics criminal feels now that his friend gets away with everything and he has to go to jail for life because of the deal he made. That’s brutal.

Overall Rating: B-