Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Cop Con”/”Chasing Amy” (S04E17/S04E18)


img 5564 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine "Cop Con"/"Chasing Amy" (S04E17/S04E18)

Two episodes of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” means twice the fun! They were fun and pretty heartwarming. Anyway…

Every year, the Nine-Nine takes the opporunity to party and unwind every cop convention. Unfortunately, this year Holt wants them on their best behavior because he wants to put his precint in a good light.

Next, Amy runs away a few hours before her sergant’s exam, and Jake and Rosa have to find her. Meanwhile, Gina accidentally inherits a Boyle family heirloom, which Charles tries to buy back, and Holt and Terry compete on who has the better model train set.

First of all: these episodes–talk about continuity! They had so much continuity in them. It was fun hearing Jake mention the night shift and the audit, and one event from season 1 is even a pivotal moment in “Chasing Amy.” Before we get to that, let’s do “Cop Con” first.

“Cop Con” was a lot like season 2’s “Beach House” episode, but the similarities didn’t stop the episode from being fun–and heartwarming. Since the first season, the show has been emphasizing that the Nine-Nine is a family, and the episode really shows it, especially towards the end.  It was fun, hilarious, there was a twist at the end, and ultimately heartwarming, because the Nine-Nine will always be a family.

“Chasing Amy” is the episode Jake/Amy shippers have been waiting for. It is THE “Peraltiago” episode of season 4. There’s this important callback from the first season that’s actually really well thought out and plays a huge part to their relationship. The plot with Gina and Charles is equally heartwarming and hilarious because Gina & Charles are step-siblings and the show remembers this, so we get to see some sibling rivalry going on with those two. Holt and Terry’s “rivalry” is just hilarious, and I’d like to think Holt calls up Kevin in the middle of work just to rant about his co-workers.

Overall, these episodes are amazing, filled with callbacks for fans (but new viewers can still watch it without getting lost), and hilarious. Sadly, the end of the season is near. One can hope for a renewal, right?