Lucifer (S02E15) “Deceptive Little Parasite”

Last we left off, Lucifer wasn’t really married as it was a ruse in order to sniff out what his mother was up to. Turns out Lucifer had the Flaming Sword the whole time. Charlotte says that if Lucifer uses his intense emotion like anger then the sword will ignite. However, when Lucifer tries to unleash his anger nothing happens. Lucifer goes to Dr. Martin for help to try to control and harness his emotions, but she says that emotions can’t be controlled, only understood. Chloe tries to open up to Maze about her problems; Maze isn’t the best listener. Hey, she hasn’t eaten yet. Yet Maze feels bad. Chloe and Dan get a new case where a school administrator, Debbie, is found dead in her home, stabbed in the back with scissors. The school where she taught was a private school, Starford, that shows children how to control their emotions. Lucifer is all in. The dean points Chloe to a gay couple whose child was denied admission even after they gave a considerable donation. But Debbie claimed that the money never made it to the school board, even though the check cleared. The murder weapon was found in their garden shed, but this feels too easy.


Lucifer starts doing research into a children’s book from Starford that can “teach” him to control his emotions but is interrupted by a few stripper cops that look a little like Chloe. Charlotte hoped sexual desire would fuel the sword, but it doesn’t work. Lucifer wonders why Charlotte is so eager to get to Heaven. But Lucifer has a revelation. He offers to take Trixie to school, but he takes her to Starford instead, posing as her dad touring with the PE teacher. Lucifer and Trixie sit in on a class in the library where a teacher, Madison, is teaching the kids how to channel their negative emotions into something positive. Chloe and Dan interview the dean who admits to stealing the money because he’s been having cash flow problems. Chloe then finds out that Lucifer took her daughter to Starford, but when she finds the class she hears Trixie talk about her fear of almost losing her mom a few weeks ago and how her job can be dangerous causing her to worry. Chloe also sees a boy drawing his mother killing Debbie. Chloe talks to Trixie and says that she can tell her anything no matter what. Lucifer dodged a bullet (and a lecture). Chloe interviews the boy’s mother and finds out more about Debbie being a total witch (figuratively, of course). The mom was with the PE teacher (not talking about her son’s education) during the murder. Chloe gets an invite to join the wake (or Grieving Gathering) for Debbie as Trixie actually has a shot of getting into the private school. She decides to go, and Maze crashes posing as her wife. If only Lucifer were there to give a devilish grin and a few sexy remarks. But he was getting his ass kicked by his mom. No, really. Charlotte dressed up as a mugger and thought that putting Lucifer in fear of his life would help trigger his wave of emotion to make the blade work. But nothing.


Amenadiel is trying to make the sword become inflamed but fails. Lucifer catches him and from behind it looks like he’s masturbating which, of course, leads to humorous remarks. Amenadiel admits that he’s frustrated over not being special while Lucifer complains that he wishes he wasn’t the center of mom and dad’s attention. At the party, Maze and Chloe let loose a false rumor about her finding the killer with evidence in her car hoping that the parents would gossip. Sure enough the lie spreads like wild fire, and Madison tries to break into Chloe’s car. Lucifer drops in trying to get Madison to tutor him into controlling his emotions and even opens Chloe’s car with his spare key. Madison gets into Chloe’s car and, when Chloe drops by to find her, Madison is holding Chloe’s gun. Turns out Madison had an affair with the PE coach, and he’s the real father of her son, not her husband. Debbie found out and threatened to tell. Is everyone sleeping with the PE teacher? Chloe manages to talk Madison down and she gives herself up. Lucifer learns that emotions can’t be controlled. Chloe tells Trixie that she can get into Starford if she wanted, but Trixie prefers her old school. Lucifer goes to Dr. Martin and lets his walls down. His plan is to open the gates of Heaven, let his mother go in, then shut the doors behind her, hoping God and Mom would destroy each other. Linda tells Lucifer that he needs to let in the pain of what his father had done and what happened with Chloe. Lucifer goes home and lets his pain flow. The sword gets a few tongues of yellow flame, but not enough. Charlotte is frantic, losing a bit of her composure. Amenadiel calms her down, but when Charlotte goes into the elevator and rips open her bandaid, we see a ray of intense red light shooting out. She doesn’t have much time.


A+! This episode was much more engaging. Despite Lucifer’s dislike of children, I feel Trixie has become an exception as she’s clever and mischievous (much like him, plus the emotional maturity of a child, except in Trixie it’s acceptable and Trixie seems more mature in most ways). They actually share some connection over almost losing Chloe which shook them both. I’m seriously still upset that Lucifer is still convinced that Chloe never truly loved him but was compelled to by God. He’s still got a long way to go to be emotionally healthy. And, apparently, a human body can’t hold the Goddess of All Creation. She may just explode.