The Flash (S03E21) “Cause and Effect”

I feel like this episode is one that everyone in the writers room was saying “what if” to the possibility but never touched on it until now. Don’t get me wrong; this episode had lots of humor and comical areas to it, but it also shows the ramifications of doing an experiment of ’cause and effect’. Overall it was actually really entertaining for the least.

I really loved the back story of Savitar (voiced by Tobin Bell) who revealed himself to be the Future Flash (Grant Gustin). For those that don’t know about the new comics of The Flash, in the new 52 comics (most were really bad stories) Future Flash goes back in time to kill present Flash because the speed-force died off. However, in the series The Future Flash/Savitar has a more precise reason in why he wants to destroy present Flash/Barry (Grant Gustin). It’s because in the year 2024, when Barry has his final fight with Savitar, he kills all of Barry’s time remnants except for one. But that time remnant chose to live as Barry when the real Barry went into hiding. However, no one accepted him, and it’s because of that Time Remnant Barry/Future Flash chose to build himself a living organism suit, make himself be seen as a god throughout every timeline and make himself all about destroying Barry Allen’s life.

Now that whole story is interesting, but I feel like they could’ve made the story a whole lot more personal towards Future Flash’s existence or something else, instead of making it a revenge story only because no one would accept him for who he is or was; I mean, come on. They could’ve made it more interesting if they would’ve had more time to work harder and use those creativity functions of the mind, but I guess this story they made is good enough.

So the comical part of the episode I truly loved, I will say, is when Cisco (Carlos Valdes) chooses to do an experiment of cause and effect by messing with Barry’s brain, kicking up the machine to erase Barry’s memory so he doesn’t create new memories. So Savitar doesn’t remember anything that Barry (Grant Gustin) has already done before. When the machine is done, Barry doesn’t remember anyone, including Joe (Jesse L. Martin), Iris (Candice Patton), Julian (Tom Felton), Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), as well as Cisco. Barry not knowing who he is gets scared, thinking everyone is out to experiment on him, or worse, trying to take out his kidneys.

With this Barry having no memory nor powers, the experiment might’ve worked but it had it repercussions. The episode also showed H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) getting himself a love interest in the form of Dr. Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek). She’s supposed to be focused on creating the trap to trap Savitar in the speed-force prison. Eventually Dr. Brand does create a speed-force cannon as they called it. Eventually Barry regained his memories but so did Savitar, which will probably make Savitar escalate his plans to kill Iris. As for the speed-force cannon, there’s only one problem with that– it takes energy that calculates energy far larger than the sun. The only one who has an energy close to that is a villain that The Flash put into an Argus facility known as King Shark!

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