The Great Indoors (S01E22) “The Company Retreat”

It is time for the annual team building retreat, which means there will be debauchery and drama. They seem to go hand in hand when this group is involved in anything, and since it is the season finale, anything can happen.

Roland (Stephen Fry) has been offered the chance of a lifetime. Living with a remote Brazilian tribe for three months, it’s his chance to go back into the field and add more excitement to his world. He bestows Jack (Joel McHale) with the task of taking over Outdoor Limits in his stead.

Now that Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Emma (Christine Ko) are back on speaking terms, it’s the perfect time for Clark to finally tell her how he feels. Even with Mason’s (Shaun Brown) prodding, he is still questioning his own motive instead of going with his heart. He “Clarks” it up in the biggest way possible, phoning Greg (Andrew Ridings) which backfires into him coming to fight for Emma back.

It is Brooke (Sushannah Fielding) and Jack’s sole purpose to make sure that Emma and Clark finally hook up at the retreat, but their time together seems to be stirring up emotions and sexual tension that have been buried for years, especially when they offer a secluded cabin for Clark to use. It was the same one they had originally hooked up in years before. With Brooke and Paul (Andrew Leeds) still at odds, her unhappiness is blatantly shining through. She wanted to be fought for as well.

While everyone was off dealing with their own drama, Mason and Roland had come to an understanding when all of the confiscated items that Mason had brought found their way to Roland’s room. It turns out he doesn’t want to give up all the comforts of home.

The situation between Greg and Clark seems as though it has come to a standstill until Clark finally admits how he feels for Emma. Instead of it ending in a really awkward fist fight, in true Clark and Greg fashion, they hug it out instead. That’s when Emma comes into view; she heard everything they were talking about. This is the moment we have all been waiting for, and the kiss they finally share does not disappoint.

At this point the tension between Brooke and Jack can be cut with a knife. Neither of them wants to go through with what they are currently desiring because it could ruin both of their lives. We are left wondering what would’ve happened between the two of them until Jack comes crashing into Mason and Roland’s place. Jack offers to take Roland’s place to go and live with the Brazilian tribe; he needs space to deal with his thoughts and emotions, and Roland doesn’t want to leave the secure comforts of the life he has become accustomed to. Win/Win it seems.

What did happen between Jack and Brooke? Nothing. Before Jack could do something that they could never take back, he called Paul and reminded him that he has a wonderful woman worth fighting for. It was something that needed to be done. Life was changing once more, and Jack needed to escape instead of deal with things head on.

Oh, and Emma’s claim to not remembering what happened on the retreat was sniffed out by Mason. She remembers everything. You can’t keep a secret from that man! It would be interesting to see where she and Clark go from here.

I have come to enjoy this comedy; it has surprised me how much the characters grow on you and engage you in the story. There is still no word on if it is renewed or not, but I hope they give it another chance. There is so much more that can happen in the story-line.

Rating: 8/10

This was the Season Finale of “The Great Indoors”