The Middle (S08E22) “The Final Final”

Review: The Hecks’ luck seems to be turning around after the Donahues’ address is painted on their curb by a few Prairie Scouts. Not only do they get all the premium channels and free pizza, the microwave even works without using the hair dryer for the first time in years. And that’s only the beginning. Things get even better after that. Frankie believes it has to do with the universe mistaking them for the Donahues, but Mike doesn’t think this is really true, although he doesn’t want to take the risk of repainting the curb. At the end it seems like Frankie was right because right after the Prairie Scouts repaint the curb the Hecks go back to being as unlucky as they’ve always been.

Meanwhile at East Indy State, Axl only has one more final to take and because this is going to be the last one before graduation he takes it seriously and decides to study for it. He goes into his final confident and prepared, only to find out that he got the time wrong and missed it. He tries to convince his professor who’s in full summer holiday mode and won’t allow Axl to take the test another time. The only option is to take the class again in the fall. But Axl doesn’t give up and goes to the professor’s house to ask him for another chance. Even though the professor says no at first, Axl perseveres and gets him to reconsider. He can take the test and scores an 86 which means that Axl is graduating.

Somewhere else on campus, Sue feels a little depressed after her last final because she realizes that this year was just a little ‘meh’. She doesn’t feel like she has accomplished anything, and with her sadness, she even gets Brad down. She gets excited again when Orson High invites her to speak to the class of 2017. When she finds out she used to be a nerd in high school, something that’s more shocking to Sue and Brad than to anybody else, Sue gets down again. But Brad knows how to cheer her up, and the two break out in song and dance in the spirit of La La Land.

It is always nice to see good things happen to the Hecks, and that’s why I loved this episode. It’s funny to see them appreciate the small things in life, like a working microwave or a girlfriend who has stopped growing. And it is exactly those little things that made this storyline so good because it was just funny to see how Frankie, Mike and Brick reacted to the good things that happened to them.

Axl’s storyline made me happy too. I can’t believe he is graduating college and that he is actually taking his future more seriously by studying for his final final. I think it’s very nice to see how much Axl has matured over the past few seasons, not only when it comes to studying, but also on a more personal level.

And last but not least Sue’s plot. I also really liked that. I always love it when Brad shows up, and this week was no exception. His friendship with Sue is just amazing; they can always make each other feel better. And then, of course, the musical number. I was a little hesitant after I read they would do this, but after seeing the scene, I was pleasantly surprised. I loved it. The lyrics were great, and the music and dancing altogether made for a great scene. Kudos to Eden Sher and Brock Ciarlelli on a great performance throughout the episode, and also to the writers, choreographers and the rest of the crew. I know this is a long shot, but please, Emmy voters, just give them some love…..

To sum it all up, this was another great episode building up to next week’s season finale. Don’t miss Axl’s college graduation on The Middle on May 16th at 8/7c on ABC!

Rating: 9.5/10