Bull (S01E21) “How to Dodge a Bullet”

“I’ve never met a man or woman who doesn’t believe at some point in their lives they’ve dodged a bullet. Walked out to the edge of the cliff we call fate, and then, for whatever reason, decided not to jump”-Bull voiceover.  Ah yes,  the “still small voice” of The Infinite, God, Spirit, The Great Father and…well that’s another story.

Benny asks Bull to join him for lunch and a couple of old friends, Wilson Jessup, (Delany Williams) Inspector General for the DOJ NW division and former NYPD detective, and Brent Jansen (Joel De La Fuente) the DA and his former boss. Both worked with Benny before Bull; “When he was a real lawyer.”  Although Bull is obviously skeptical, he joins them. They talk Benny’s “situation,” which becomes a case after he’s arrested before being served his meal!

Benny is ready for the DNA snafu regarding the Hayden Watkins case he prosecuted 10 years ago.  He’s prepared for the slap on the wrist and some small sanction.  However, when Bull sees that the courtroom is a full house for the prosecution, including the last victim’s family members, he realizes things ain’t gonna be simple and soft like they believed.

The charge is Obstruction of Justice along with Evidence Tampering. He’s also charged with a Brady Violation. He didn’t disclose exculpatory evidence after a phone call received from an outside source.

Benny’s looking at 10 years prison time. The major piece of evidence that Benny found, a contact lens, that led to the conviction, is re-analyzed for it’s markers. The ratio of proof has changed.  There are not enough markers in this decade to determine a DNA match for the alleged slayer. Since Benny found the lens, he must prove he didn’t plant it!   The plot is so extreme, it’s good!  Never thought of this angle; it’s different.  I’m impressed as The Socialite Slayer case is reopened. Benny’s in deep! He adamantly declares, “Not Guilty!”

Bull needs to find the best defense in the country.  He commissions Marissa to find the perfect person. 

Eureka! Marissa awakens him at 3: 50 a.m. J.P. Nunnelly (Eliza Dushku) will meet him in a restaurant at 4:30 am. He arrives and it’s empty.  A lady finally rolls up and Bull orders a cappuccino while waiting.  She introduces herself as J.P. Nunnelly, the fixer.  And Bull wants to take back the last 2 minutes of his life!  

He’s giddy and goofy, proclaiming it’s because of Benny’s situation.  Later declaring, there is  “nuh” …less than nothing, going on with him as far as Ms. Nunnelly is concerned. Right! It’s written all over his face. 

Their cat and mouse is cute. She calls him Mr. Bull and the Doctor doesn’t correct her like he does everybody, every week.  It’s obvious they like to watch each other…work; and I enjoyed watching them, too!

Her charge for this case is, “favor for favor.” If she wins this one, and she did, he pays her in 3 TAC services.  She walks away, after victoriously waving three fingers at Bull.

I’m looking forward to further interaction; no doubt so is The Bull. ♡♡♡☆♡


Bull airs Tuesday @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time on CBS