Chicago PD (S04E22) “Army of One”


This episode was horrifying, complex, and important. It highlighted the way that social media has increased the visibility of violence and crime.

Upton makes a quick and natural transition into Intelligence. I appreciate her working with Erin, but I do want Jay and Erin to be partners for the long run. It’s interesting to see Olinskey’s perspective on the relationship–he can be very tough on his coworkers, yet he seems to take it easy on Jay. I wonder why?

I hope we get more information about Bunny because I feel like her leaving for a boy would be very anticlimactic. It’s bad to wish for something bad to happen to her character, I know, but I’d rather there be a more interesting storyline here. I think it would give her and Erin’s relationship more justice if there was something to fight for rather than her mother just leaving.

Erin clearly plays a significant role in this episode as well as the season finale next week. I hope we learn a little bit more about why she was so invested in this case– more than what we know already. What are your predictions for the finale?

Overall Rating: A-