Supernatural (S12E20) “There’s Something About Mary”


I just want to say something really quick. I know we all will have mixed feelings about tonight’s episode, but…I’m just ready for Lucifer’s baby to be born! So it can wreck hell on everything! I don’t want it to be pure at all, Please..Little Damien…KILL THE BRITS! (P.S. Who ever wrote tonight’s episode, wasn’t THINKING AT ALL!!!!!! Literally felt like a Game of Thrones episode!!! ) Okay, on to my review….


#1 What’s it about?

In tonight’s episode the boys are on the Hunt for Mamma Winchester. But that’s not there only problem: the American Hunters are dying off. An guess who’s at fault: the BRITS!!


#2 Who’s in it?

Dean ( Squirrel )

Sam ( Moose )

Mamma Winchester ( Momma Bear )

Ketch ( Jerk of an Assassin )

Crowley ( Little Devil )

Lucifer ( Lucy-kins )


#3 What did I like about it?

That’s a very good question. Let me think…the only thing I can say I liked was the boys trying to find the hidden cameras or microphones in the bunker.

Oh, an Lucy playing with Crowley like a toy.


#4 What didn’t I like about it?

Mamma Winchester being mentally, emotionally, and physically hurt.

Eileen…she didn’t deserve that at all!

Dean & Sam feeling so much pain after finding out what happened to Eileen.

The Brits EXISTENCE!!!

Mary pointing a gun at the boys & facing them as enemies…not family…


#5 What scene did I like the best?

The ending scene with Lucy in the field breathing fresh air.


#6 What is next to come?

From the preview the boys aren’t giving up on getting out of the bunker and Lucifer isn’t going out without a fight. For it’s all for his son; the Brits want in on fighting Lucifer as well…..I wish they would DIE already.



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