Great News (S01,E05/06) “Snowmageddon of the Century”/”Serial Arsonist”

“Snowmageddon of the Century”

When the whole staff can’t wait to get home after a long week, a snowstorm strands them in the office.

When the staff is on their last legs at the end of the week, all they want to do is get the show done and go home for the weekend. But when Carol wishes god for a miracle that would get the staff and crew together, a snowmageddon comes and leaves the staff and crew stuck.

Carol tries to get everyone to get closer, but no one wants to do this. It goes from bad to worse when Carol steals the staff of “Morning Wined Up’s” (a Kathie Lee and Hoda parody morning show) bottles of wine. As soon as she hands them the bottles of wine, it becomes a second holiday party, and everyone does some really hilarious and awkward stuff.

Meanwhile, Katie gets an opportunity to work with Chuck on a lead story. But when Portia gets into Katie’s head about how Chuck wants to sleep with her, Katie tries to figure out how to handle it and handles by kissing him. But that wasn’t what he wanted. He tells her that he was trying to test the waters because he has a young 20-something  girl he’d like to go out with.

As everyone is still partying, Greg gets the call that they are going to go live in 22 minutes to cover the winter storm. Everyone freaks out but comes together and puts on a very good show even though the introduction was a bit off.

This was one hell of an episode. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end and at one point this was going to be one of those supersize episodes for some reason. We finally got to learn about Greg’s Cat, who happens to be his girlfriend named Cat and not an animal. The cast was fantastic even though I don’t think everyone played equal to one another in performance. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

“Serial Arsonist”

When a reporter is arrested, Katie takes over as field reporter.

When The Breakdown field reporter covers an arson fire and is caught for the arsonist, Greg searches for a reporter fast. Carol thinks that Katie would be great for it, but Katie doesn’t want her mother to make decisions for her like she did for a talent show.

After seeing the audition for reporters, Greg begs Katie to fill in, and she does but after one night, everything goes into her head and finds out that her mother got input into her reporting.  Katie tries to give her mother payback, and instead of reporting live she performs live her act from the talent show. When Greg sees it, he freaks and decides to put the music video of Chuck and Justin’s new theme song for the show on as a replacement, which was catchy but crazy.

“Serial Arsonist” was another good episode. Heelan and Martin were great again in this episode. The writing was good. Loved when Katie finally did her talent show ribbon dance. That was hilarious! Overall , I give this episode an 8/10.

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