Great News (S1E03/04) “Chuck Pierce is Blind”/”War is Hell”

“Chuck Pierce is Blind”

When Chuck announces that he’s taking a day off from The Breakdown due to an award he’s getting, Katie and Greg celebrate until Greg is reminded of the promises he made to everyone.

“Chuck Pierce is Blind” is probably one of the funniest episodes of the show so far. Mostly it’s coming from John Michael Higgins’ performance as Chuck, who announces that he’s taking one day off due to an award he’s getting, but tells Carol that he’s getting eye surgery.

With Katie and Greg happy that they get a “Chuck Free” day, Greg gets everyone from the crew to put their two cents into the show from Portia’s version; Justin’s kick-ass intro appeals to even Beth, the weather lady, given her climate rant (which was hilarious!).

Greg couldn’t take it anymore, and after seeing what the show looks like, he and Katie call Chuck to get him back. They tell him someone will fill in for him which gets him back to the studio even though his condition isn’t good enough for him to see.

When Chuck comes back and the program begins, everyone notices Chuck’s eyes, and also how he’s reading Portia’s lines as well as his own, thanks to Carol reading the script to him. It was one hell of a scene; I was literally crying while laughing.

This episode was a non-stop laughing machine of an episode. Higgins steals the episode hands down. Even watching Adam Campbell, Nicole Richie shines in this episode too. I thought the writing was outstanding. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

“War Is Hell”

When Katie’s boyfriend returns, she thinks that Carol is doing her judging of the boyfriends again.

When Katie’s boyfriend, Trip, returns from covering a story in Syria, Carol finds out that they are a secret couple. Katie tries to get her mother to stop judging her boyfriend like the other ones she has had in the past. That was until Katie finds out that Trip is rich, and finds that he isn’t really interesting–he calls himself Trippy.

Meanwhile, with Trip returning, Chuck goes off on how he used to cover the dangers of war in other countries. but when Greg and Justin find out why Chuck doesn’t go, Chuck proves to them that he can. He also sends all three to HR for one of the most awkward and hilarious HR meetings so far.

“War is Hell” was a very good episode. I thought that Martin and Heelan were amazing once again in this episode. Also, Higgins steals the episode, again. The writing was very good, not as much as the previous episode, but it was still good. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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