NCIS NOLA: (S03E23) “Down the Rabbit Hole”

“Down the Rabbit Hole” is an entry into the unknown with no foreseeable way out. The mentally exhausted and irrational Pride is running on pure adrenalin & emotions. His head is not in the game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so…uncool!  It doesn’t look good on him. Nevertheless…

Pride tails Stone, (Maury Sterling) Hamilton’s “special associate” #hitman. He enters Clemens Seafood, even though it’s closed.  When he returns and gets into his car, he’s aware he’s being followed.

On the busy streets of N’awlins he confronts his tail, when he gets out of his car & opens fire. He sprays the streets, shooting a civilian in the back, then drives away. Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom!

Courtesy of Hamilton, Pride is in BIG trouble!  He holds a televised news conference, lamenting the death of an innocent and the cowboy antics of Pride, leader of  NCIS! Hamilton’s plans to pick the team apart, by using self preservation and the need to save themselves is working! 

Pride’s soon ordered to stand down by HIS boss, reminding him, NCIS is a guest in the house of Hamilton! Non compliance will cost him his badge.  Sulking, Pride appears to go MIA; yet he’s @ his shrink, Loretta.  ‘Love their relationship.  She tries to talk him down.

LaSalle gets an affidavit, pleading Percy’s case. She’ll be killed if she’s not released.  He succeeds and Percy comes home to a mess greater than her own making,

Meanwhile, Patton, still in the morgue; “back door’s”  info to Pride, after “reviewing” #hacking, certain files he shouldn’t! There are 7 VIPS coming to town. One of them will be assassinated.

Hamilton meets with Pride, per his request @ his club. He’s raising the white flag and calling a truce…Not!  He attacks Hamilton to put a bug in his coat pocket. They need to know the target.  

The bug reveals Hamilton’s plans for Clearwater.  He’s building a Naval Shipyard!  11k jobs and all the $$$ that can flood his pockets. Its success will also cushion his inevitable bid for Governor.  The possibilities are endless. #whitehouse

Hamilton wants to start building next month! And because he has no viable plans for the 2K residents of Clearwater, Congresswoman Michele Angelou (April Grace) is the lone hold out. She feels Georgia is the better place & they do not have to displace anyone! She makes it clear, she’ll not vote for his project…ever!  There’s no doubt, she’s the target. Hamilton and Associates want her dead!

With nothing more to do after the order to “stand down” Pride tries to warn the Congresswoman of Hamilton’s intentions. She doesn’t believe him, although she doesn’t like Hamilton.  She’ll not be threatened!

Meanwhile, back at the lab, Sebastian retrieved the only thing in the Clemens Fish house, that was suspect. A fish tank. (As soon as I saw this,  I new the method…clever) He found residual Red Tide, making shellfish poisonous to humans. Her death will look like an allergic reaction.  She’ll die.

Pride drives thru the restaurant where the Congresswoman is having lunch; in his SUV. She’s putting the fork to her lips. She didn’t bite.  She runs!  He and the entire team are suspended, immediately thereafter. 

Later, Stone is @ Pride’s club. He’s giving him one last chance to fall back!  Pride refuses. He’s immediately grabbed and choked from behind,  Stone walks away, setting a bomb. It explodes. A charred body, with Pride’s gun & badge are found. 

Meanwhile, in another Hamilton sighting, he meets with the Congresswoman & buys her a drink, in a last ditch effort to win her support. Nope! He walks away, She takes a sip, after what looks like a slight hesitation, then immediately falls back in her seat, eyes wide open! Chilling!

—Edge of yo’seat, season finale next week! 

NCIS New Orleans airs Tuesdays, @ 10:00 Pacific Time on CBS