Timeless Gets Second Season!

In a weird turn of events, the television gods has granted a miracle to the cancelled series Timeless.

TVLine has learned that the NBC time traveling series, that was cancelled this week, will come back for a second season.

Star Matt Lanter broke the news on a Facebook video shooting as his character, Wyatt.

“I just want to hop on and tell you that I think the mission was successful,” he says as his character. “we went back, and Im pretty sure we changed NBC’s minds. So yeah, we’ve got more episodes coming. See you real soon.”

Timeless was the sixth rated series on NBC and after four days of it’s cancellation the decision was reversed at the time the series co-creator, Eric Kripke tweeted that he and his co-creator, Shawn Ryan, would try to find another home and that the “odds are long.”

The show is likely to air some time in 2018, possibly Spring 2018.

#Timeless is trending in the Top 3 on Saturday after the news broke and I don’t think it’ll stop anytime soon. Fans of the show were campaigning their butts off to make sure that the show would get a second season and it looks like it finally has worked.

I’m so thrilled that this show is coming back. It’s such has such a great group of actors and the writing has been unbelievable. Even learning about history in a different way has been mind blowing at times some that I never even learned from school.

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