The Originals (S04E08) “Voodoo in My Blood”

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This was a heartbreaking and heart racing episode written Talicia Raggs and Chris Hollier. The episode was produced by John Hyams and cinematography by Kurt Jones! HIGH KUDOS!!! Danielle Campbell is back for this episode. Special Guest appearance by Matthew Davis.

Welcome back, Welcome back, Welcome back… Alaric.

Get your motor running, head out on the highway, cruising from Mystic Falls to New Orleans, looking to help some friends out, listening to some groovy tunes along the way. You will never guess out of nowhere, Alaric truck stalls, Sofya appears! (BAD OMEN, I KNOW!) She wants that HOLLA bone and she is getting closer to completing the puzzle. We can’t have the bad one doing that, oh no! Alaric has a surprise as she tries to regain control of the situation, but it’s “too late, baby, yeah it’s too late! “Our boy has a ton of C4 and he’s blowing his truck to kingdom come. BOO YA! Score 1 #TeamAlaric.

A HOLLA Story: the major dilemma.

Remember this name, Olivia “Tierra” Del Robles, she is the power-hungry witch that started all of this.  I couldn’t believe how far back the HOLLA curse goes over 1,000 years! This is ancient and SO evil. We find out quickly, Lebonair blood and Hayley are the only thing that can stop it. (Oh, yeah and Davina forget to mention, an Original sacrifice too!) Davina Claire is back from “the other side” or “the looking glass” narrating this story to them and explaining what they must do to get rid of “HER”. The HOLLA is a she! DUN. DUN. DUN…

What’s with all the Elijah hate?

This week they didn’t air “The Originals” on its regular scheduled night and time in my area. I decided to sign on twitter anyway to see what was happening. WOW! I was in for a huge surprise, I never saw such disdain and dislike for a fictional character in such a longtime. SO, I asked myself, “What’s with all the Elijah hate?” The Elijah Mikaelson who is always willing to sacrifice himself for any member of his family. Let’s be honest here, Elijah always had a dark side but when it comes to his family, he loves them and will do anything for them. I knew I couldn’t answer my own question, so I had to ask someone else’s POV. They said their answer was “Davina. He played a hand in killing Davina.” Now, this is a question of “What would Elijah do?” Elijah shouldn’t have saved Klaus and Hayley (his family) from Marcel after they accidently killed Davina? (Everyone remembers when Marcel was that super hybrid that could kill anything in S3 finale? Elijah and Freya should not have save them vs. Davina.) There was so many more Elijah hate tweets though, I could not believe what I was reading. There are some characters on this show that would never receive those kinds of tweets. Viewers need to start showing respect for every character.


Haylijah, there is just something about them.

You can always sense something special in a couple by their ease and chemistry and boy does Elijah and Hayley have that in spades! I am not partial to just anyone, but I will say I do enjoy watching these two. Especially last night, the fighting, the making up and the conversation. It’s all or nothing with these two when it comes to loving each other. Honestly, would you rather it any other way? Hayley admitting to Elijah that she “needs him and loves him.” Well melted his heart and you could clearly see it. Elijah admitting (this was a HUGE STEP for him!) that he wants to take her to the South of France, when all the troubles are over. I mean call me a shipper for life! Hayley holding back on kissing him. Following up on asking Elijah to return the dagger to Marcel? These two are growing stronger in love together, always and forever. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Is Hope the KEY.

Welcome back Davina Claire, so nice to see you again girl. In this episode, we are learning so much, aren’t we? Your vendetta against Klaus never ended, did it? Davina can hold a grudge like the Hoover Dam holds water. Moving on, Davina has Klaus in the “circle of death” and is ready to kill him for good. But hold up, wait sweetie, here comes the most powerful little witch you ever seen! Hope Mikaelson, BITCHES!!! She does some chanting a hand thrust forward and Daddy is free! I knew you were made for big things Hope Mikaelson, we are all so proud of you!!!!

Marcel and Davina: It’s so hard to say goodbye.

We all know of the relationship Marcel and Davina had, such a beautiful father/daughter one. I must say watching Marcel talking to her gravestone was making me extremely verklempt. I mean no one wanted to see Davina die, honestly. Surely someone else a lesser character of importance could have died in her place. If I had to guess though, it was all about the emotional impact, the writers and TpTb knew how greatly the loss would affect the fans and viewers.


Foreshadowing: Children School of Sorcery?

When Alaric was talking to Klaus at the end of the show an eerie feeling came over me. I became frightened. Alaric started to talk about the “school” he and Caroline started for “special children like his and Klaus’. Suddenly I did this. (Insert gif of just no!) To whomever thinks a redux of “Harry Potter and a school of sorcery S5” is a good idea is, just being honest here, it’s not. You should stick to “The Originals” stellar storytelling, plots and amazing characters. Please stay far away from Hogwarts and Wizards.

Oh, no they didn’t!!!!!

The ending, I am quite perturbed about, what exactly happened? Is Elijah dead? Or did Sofya just stab him with that dagger of thorns and not kill him? All I know is there is nothing like a few hybrids scorned! What I am speaking of is Klaus, Hayley and his niece Hope. You try to kill an original, especially one with the last name Mikaelson, that means WAR. The entire family will strike back with such vengeance and wraith that it will make earth quake. There is no place to run or hide, just know your time is limited.


“Voodoo in My Blood” Random Thoughts:

  • Elijah wears $9,000.00 suits! Yes, it is true. BOSS MODE. We also find out Marcel drives a Lamborghini! It pays off being an Original Vampire, these days.
  • “I’ll compel them to the priesthood.” – Klaus on Hope when she is a teenager. (As I laugh, snort and snicker. Klaus, you are so funny.)


I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! Until next week.

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  1. Teri LeBlanc says:

    Another great job enjoy reading can’t wait for next weeks.

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    1. ilovetheoriginals says:

      Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed reading. Can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us!


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