Scandal (S06E14) “Head Games”


Review: This episode had the biggest twist at the end, Maya Pope is back and she is what the finale needs.

The episode starts off with Marcus in the briefing room, telling the reporters that the threat has been neutralized and that president Grant will be passionate and eager to do anything in his final days of presidency. Fitz and Olivia are getting it on in the bedroom, during their time together Olivia knocked off a glass from the table which is a parallel to 1×06 ‘The Trail’. We see Quinn is dress shopping with Huck because he is the maid of honor which had to be the most adorable moment from this episode. Fitz says to Olivia that there are only 9 days left of his presidency and then Mellie will be inaugurated in office. David meets up with Rowan in his dinosaur room and asks him if he learnt anything from Grace or Ponytail. Now David is trying to figure out what her real name is because the name she told gave him is not appearing in any of the systems. Instead Rowan gives him a box, box with Grace’s head inside! Meanwhile back at the White House, Liv and Fitz are discussing about the partition pardons. As Fitz leaves his room, Olivia takes the papers on his table without his permission. In the Oval office, there is clearly some tension between Fitz and Abby. She states that Fitz does not forgive her for what she’s done and at this point Fitz seems like a hypocrite because he asked Liv to forgive her. He even sends her home to work there instead because he can’t even look at her. David brings the box the Abby’s home because he does not have enough space in his freezer and she opens the box and sees that Grace’s head is in it! Back at the White House, Marcus and Fitz are talking about his final interview as presidency and how he should approach it. Even though Fitz will be remembered for the Brandon Bill, Marcus asks if he’s even been to Chicago or ‘The D’. Meanwhile at OPA, the gladiators are finally taking on a new case however while they’re discussing their client, Olivia is not paying attention to the case and she’s more involved with Mellie’s cabinet. Jake arrives at Abby’s house to get a blood sample from the head which is on her dinner table. At Mellie’s office, Olivia is helping her choose the cabinet and Mellie is thinking of hiring Marcus for Communications Director.

At OPA, the gladiators decide to take a road trip to the bigots bar to find out if he did kill his friend. During this scene Huck says something he learnt from Olivia and it becomes a gun show down. Thankfully nobody was shot or killed but as Quinn was leaving she called the people racists, which provided humor for this difficult topic.  Olivia and her dad are having their ‘last meal’ together and he states that he has to retire because Olivia finally has the Oval as CoS. Yet Rowan is still talking about power and family which is something he has always done. Now at this point, the episode felt like it was a finale for some reason and maybe it was because it was quite peaceful with no ‘Scandal’ yet. David and Abby are in the same bed with a fortress of pillows in between them and they have a conversation about the old versions of themselves. In season one, David and Abby were different people with different agendas whereas in season 6, Abby sees herself as evil. At OPA, Quinn is confronting Olivia about the choices she’s making. She said that Olivia stopped being a gladiator and wearing the white hat which is something Olivia needed to hear. Even though Quinn doesn’t have solid evidence, she tells Liv that she has a feeling he is innocent.

The best scene in season 6 has to be the one in which Quinn is finally in the Oval Office and at first she is completely in awe.  She explains to Fitz why the man she is representing needs to be pardoned based on her gut. This is something Olivia always used to say in season 1 and 2. Quinn tells Fitz that she does not recognize this Olivia because she is not fighting for the people or taking risks and during this scene the background music is the same that played in 1×07, when Olivia fixed the crises and walked out of the White House gate. Well done Quinn! In Marcus’ office, Mellie steps in and offers him the job as Communications Director. However Marcus declines the job because he feels that working at the White House does not make difference for the work that he wants to do. Back at OPA, Quinn tells Olivia that she handled the situation without her permission because it was the right thing to do. To our surprise, Liv gives her the bank account details and important clients and she tells Quinn that this is her office. So Olivia has finally chosen her successor and it was a bittersweet moment. As Rowan is on his way to the plane in the hanger, Olivia stops him and takes him to a bunker. Rowan is telling Jake, Fitz and Olivia that he is done and free but Olivia says that who would protect her from…Maya Pope!

Maya Pope is back and how did she escape? Why exactly does she want Mellie as her puppet president? The finale is next with 2 episodes and apparently season 7 might be the last of Scandal. Find out next week.