Arrow: (S05E20) “Underneath” and (S05E21) “Honor Thy Fathers”

Review: I firstly have to apologize for taking such a long time with these reviews, I had the most crazy couple of weeks, so I didn’t have any time to watch the series and I spaced-out a bit. But … I’m back here!

The 20th episode was focused on Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) being somewhat “caged” in the team Arrow training room, which was Adrian Chase’s (Josh Segarra) doing.

We already know the way the Arrow producers role. They drop one good, full of action, episode and then they continue the season with a slow and boring episode. They are bad at building the suspense. Since the 19th episode was a really good one, this one was naturally a lot slower. However, it still wasn’t a bad episode. It focused a lot more on the love drama, yes. We got throwbacks of Felicity and Oliver hooking up, which connected nicely with the present by them trying to escape the room and letting each other know how much they trust each other. This indicated that we even might get Olicity back. And on the other side, Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) struggled with their own relationship.

However, we have to admit that this show wasn’t focusing on the love drama for a long time, so I have to say I didn’t have many issues by going through this one episode. The writing was still nice and the characters are bulding up and creating stronger bonds, which is truly great to me.

The episode ended by Adrian finding Oliver’s son and talking to him about his dad. Naturally, Oliver doesn’t know what is going on. And as much as this could have been shocking, cool, tense … It isn’t, because … Like I said, the producers don’t know how to build the suspense. We saw it coming. That’s the one critique about this episode.

Going in the 21st episode … We’re back to the action! Oliver gets a surprising package that turns out to be a skeleton of a dead man he isn’t familiar with and the Russian throwbacks are back! I still believe those are/were the best part of this season.

So, Thea (Willa Holland) is back. At great timing, might I say, since Oliver has a new scandal on his hands by the evidence pointing out to his father being a murderer.

Then Oliver and Diggle took upon a lead on Chase and they ended up in another explosion! Adrian tried to bury them alive in concrete. Amazing. This man keeps on winning.

Meanwhile, Rene’s (Rick Gonzalez) own personal, family drama is back. I keep on liking this character more and more! He is a fighter and he is in no way selfish or bad … He is awesome. I’m also sick of Oliver, who is always feeling sorry for himself, always going back to regretting about being the Green Arrow and blah and blah … I would have thought he evolded as a character after 5 seasons, but no way. I know I would have to cut him some slack, he just found out his father was a killer, but … I’m done with cutting slack when it comes to him.

Alright, in the end Oliver learned something about Adrian’s manipulating and he did the same to him, so he ended up winning. For once!

Rene, on the other hand, didn’t end up winning … He decided not to show up for his hearing and the fight to get his daughter back – ended (or got posponed). Too bad.

Both episodes had good and bad moments, that’s all there’s left to say. Let’s just tune in this week and see what happens next.