Ash vs Evil Dead (S01E07) “Fire in the Hole”

The first time I saw this episode, I will admit, it wasn’t one of my favorites. I always feel that the concept of characters in enclosed spaces is like a cop out for series television. Those types of shows usually take place toward the end of a long run. It is as if the writers were brainstorming and this is the only idea that they could come up with.

However, upon viewing again, I am changing my initial opinion. “Fire in the Hole” is actually a revelation. In this episode we learn that surly, crabby Ash has feelings! So, the self-proclaimed “lone wolf” is enjoying being part of a pack. Who would have thought?

Ash, the Ghostbeaters and Fisher are traipsing through the forest. Their plan is to grab some ammo at Lem’s militia camp and then hit the cabin where all the Deadite drama began. However, Ash tells them he is still not sold on them coming with him because everyone he has feelings for dies when they are in that place.

The group stumbles upon a sea of carnage in the middle of the woods. Blood and gore plus body parts are everywhere. Before the Ghostbeaters can do anything, they are shot at by the militia men and taken hostage.

Of course, the militia men tell the Ghostbeaters that they are hiding out from Lem. When their leader begins to describe the transformation that Lem has made, Ash knows immediately he has become a demon. The militia men believe that he has been poisoned by the government and turned into a zombie creature.

While Lem is running around outside making noise, one of the militia recognizes Fisher as a cop. Before anything can happen to her, one of the men goes over to investigate a door which is slightly ajar. Pablo warns him to stay away but the man becomes belligerent. Before you know it, he is yanked out the door by Lem.

It is at this point, chaos ensues and Pablo and Kelly make a run for it, Ash and Fisher try to join them but are immediately stopped by gunfire. The leader of the militia handcuffs them together and tosses them into what appears to be an arsenal.

In the woods, Pablo and Kelly survey the militia piling into their trucks to hunt them down. They are trying to come up with a diversion so that they can go back for Ash and Fisher.

Ash is trying to get the flashlight on his new, improved hand to work in the dark. He finally gets it switched on so that he and Fisher can get their bearings. While they are walking down the dimly lit corridors, Ash delivers one of the best lines ever in this franchise. “Life is hard and dangerous and sometimes you just have to chop off somebody’s head to survive.” One can almost see the tee shirt.

Fisher then apologizes to Ash for not giving him the benefit of the doubt. She explains that Ruby (Lucy Lawless) convinced her that he was the one responsible for the killings. It is at this juncture that Ash wants to find out more about Ruby. While Fisher is giving him the 411, we see Ruby rising from burning embers at Brujo’s place. She looks like the Phoenix, naked and powerful. Just then, we hear Lem coming after them.

Pablo and Kelly are still trying to evade the militia outside the compound.  Back in the arsenal, Ash and Fisher are weaving through some pretty tight corridors. The sexual tension between the two of them is pretty palpable. Once they run into Lem, he proceeds to douse the two of them in kerosene however when he lights a match to set them on fire, it burns out.

At the side of the road, Pablo and Kelly are having a heart to heart about choosing weapons. For Pablo, this is a life changer. They hatch a plan to divert the attention of two of the militia men to steal a gun.

While the Ghostbeaters are making plans, Ash and Fisher are still trying to evade Lem as they go deeper and deeper in the arsenal. Ruby has found her Dodge Charger and is getting ready to motor. She can’t find Ash’s hand for directions so instead she removes this intricate dagger from the glovebox and sets off.

Kelly manages to get the militia man to chase her. She pretends to be a helpless female falling on the ground. Once she is down, the militia man thinks he can pounce on her but she knees him in the nads and takes his weapon. They think they are home free but then the militia man’s partner shows up with a loaded gun. Next thing we know, Kelly is tied up in the truck bed while Pablo is tied up in the cab.

Fisher and Ash are also hatching their own plan to get out. Fisher starts screaming and telling Lem she can’t take it anymore. Her intent is to lure him to their location.

Does Fisher’s plan succeed? Do they make it out of the arsenal? Do Ash and Fisher become an item?  Will Ruby ever find Ash? Do Kelly and Pablo break free of the militia to hook up with Ash and Fisher again? Find your answers to all these questions by grabbing the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!