Straight Shot Series: Screams Queen: Nicole Cinaglia: Beauty, Brains and Blood

Welcome to my Straight Shot series. In this interview series, I’ll be exploring different people engaged in the same genre, TV show, or movie. This month it’s Scream Queens. I’m open to suggestions on who you, the reader, want to hear from.

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for Scream Queens!!”


You have made a lot of movies, and cemented your place in horror history. How do you feel about being labeled a “Scream Queen?”

NC: *I absolutely love it and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. Horror is a wonderful genre that most people enjoy, it’s fun, and I’m ecstatic to be part of horror history. 

Do you feel that horror has become better, in that the stories are better?

NC:  *I feel every story is one told over in a different way. That’s the beauty of it. How creative people can get in the telling of the same stories that have been around forever. I think the effects have gotten much better and more realistic for sure. But there’s something about those old horror movies that just creep me out in a good way. But it’s all good. You have to appreciate where it all comes from to appreciate where it is and where it’s going.  

Camp Dread, Death House….you have a wonderful relationship with Harrison Smith. He produces quality work, quickly. How do you manage to keep up with his pace?

6145891 - Straight Shot Series: Screams Queen: Nicole Cinaglia: Beauty, Brains and Blood

NC:  *Harrison is great and extremely talented and I’m very thankful to have worked with him. My part is the easy part in all of it, I show up when I’m told to and do the work, he’s the one that orchestrates everything and ties in the team and all the components. He does the work before, during, and after filming.

Any plans on writing or directing? I think you and Brooke Lewis would make a wonderful team.

NC:   *I currently dabble in writing and I definitely would love to get into directing down the road. I’d like to produce more. I’ve had the opportunity to produce on Camp Dread and Then What Happened? It’s a different kind of work load and its interesting to see all the parts come together in the magic of movie making. I’ve learned so much being behind the camera. And as for Brooke Lewis, I’d love to work with her!

You deal in mostly indie films. Are indie films making a comeback, or just getting more exposure due to the various social media platforms?

NC:   In my opinion, I feel indie film was always a thing, but it’s definitely grown and has received more exposure due to the various outlets over the years. It’s given filmmakers more opportunities for their content. More people are going that route.  

Between horror and drama, which do you prefer? And do you like roles in the slasher type films or the psychological horror?

 NC:   *I like it all. But it’s always fun to get doused in fake blood and scream your head off. I think then I enjoy making slasher films more but enjoy watching the psychological films best. 

Would you rather work with CGI or practical effects? What do you feel are the benefits  of practical effects?

NC:   *I’ve worked with both. I enjoy both. There’s just some things that look more realistic if you go one over the other but it depends on what it is. Practical effects are less costly and you have a certain amount of control  on the visual even before it goes to post. 

What can you share with us about your upcoming projects? Anything in the works with Harrison Smith again?

NC:  *I did a couple features earlier in the year Hunting Lands and Be Here Now. I’m doing a series called StarKids at the end of the summer. I have an upcoming table read for an Italian Mob Film this weekend.  I just wrapped a commercial promo for Healthy Teeth and did some crime reenactments that will air this summer. So I’m staying busy. I’ve had a very blessed year so far and its only picking up momentum. I’m thrilled. As for another project with Harrison? Nothing at the moment but I’m always game; he’s wonderful!  

Charlotte thank you so much for this I truly appreciate you asking me to do this! You rock!