Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E19/S04E20) “Your Honor”/”The Slaugherhouse”


img 5653 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E19/S04E20) "Your Honor"/"The Slaugherhouse"

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” continues with the two-parters, despite the episodes not being related, but I guess they’re connected in a way by Rosa’s love for Nancy Meyers movies. (Note that Fox is only showing 2 episodes per week because the finale is next week.) Anyway…

When Holt’s mother, whom the characters and fans know as “Your Honor”, gets robbed, Jake is assigned to work the case with Holt, and is more than ecstatic to find out more about Holt’s childhood. Meanwhile, Amy tries to teach Gina how to change a car tire, and Rosa, Terry, and Charles try to redecorate the breakroom, much to the dismay of Scully and Hitchcock.

The Jake and Holt pairing never fails us, and this is no different. But this is a bit different from the other episodes with the pairing. What happens when Holt is the irrational one and Jake is the rational one? I believe it’s happened a few times but not to this extent. Holt believes Jake is annoying his mother, but when Your Honor tells Jake a secret she’s been withholding from Holt for two years, things start to get…a bit unpleasant to say the least, and Jake has to fix it. It was great to see Jake take up responsibility and try to fix everything using his life experiences and Holt being the irrational one. It really shows that their relationship has grown over the years. And yes, everything does get fixed in the end.

While the A-plot is strong and definitely shows relationship growth, unfortunately, the B and C-plots don’t really match it.

Amy wants Gina to learn how to fix a car tire and Terry, Rosa, and Charles want to redecorate the breakroom. Both funny stories, but they just seem “out there” compared to the A-plot.

In “The Slaughterhouse,” Jake and Rosa compete for a spot in Lt. Melanie Hawkins’s task force by trying to impress her. While that’s going on, Holt loses Amy’s favorite pen and is alarmed when Amy doesn’t get angry while Charles and Terry have to use various parenting methods to try and stop Hitchcock and Scully from fighting any longer.

In my opinion, “The Slaughterhouse” is the stronger episode.

The Jake and Rosa dynamic was brilliant, as always. The competion just kept on getting more immature and more insane by the minute, but when Rosa’s reason on why she wanted to be on Hawkins’s task force was revealed, it was surprisingly poignant, and Jake, being the good friend he is, completely understands.

Kudos to the show for continuity. Scully’s girlfriend, Cindy Shatz, gets a mention and is the cause of their riff, and Terry and Charles try to stop them from fighting. Scully and Hitchcock fighting is pure comedy gold. So many amazing lines were said, and the various parenting attempts from Terry and Charles made it more joyous and hilarious to watch. But of course, they make up in the most ridiculous way possible with the help of Gina.

The continuity also continues to Holt and Amy’s story regarding Amy’s favorite pen. Fans and viewers know Amy can be a bit of a pushover when it comes to commanding officers, so seeing Holt worried that Amy’s not getting mad at him definitely carries on from the mentorship they had going from “The Last Ride,” when Holt mentors Amy to get angry at him. It was a sweet moment, and not to mention funny, because Amy was getting, or at least trying to get, mad at Holt for something. It was a sight to behold, really.

But of course, not all is happy as the episode ends on a serious note, because it leads up to the finale next week. I have a bad feeling about this.