Chicago Fire (S05E22):”My Miracle”


Wow. Just wow.

This season finale feels far from a “finale,” as Chihards (Chicago fans) prepare to wait for the next season – morning the possible deaths of a handful of 51 firemen.

To be completely honest, it is really hard for me to fathom more than one person dying since half of the cast of Chicago Fire is currently in question; getting rid of that many people would be detrimental to the show, especially at the start of a new season. Mouch, sadly, seems the most likely to die. He’s retiring anyway; the writers will give him a beautiful funeral and Trudy and Cruz will face substantial grief, but the story of this firehouse will continue. Killing Casey is an entirely different story.

The ending moment between Casey and Dawson was emotional – bringing me to tears for the first time in a long time for this show. I appreciate moments like that. I hope that Casey isn’t killed off and I suspect he won’t be. His character is just at the beginning of self-discovery and his stories are far from done being told. Killing him would also change Dawson’s character, presumably for the worse.

Hermann’s life is also in question during this cliffhanger, after he spends the episode treating a young car crash victim to a day out of his wildest dreams – meeting the Chicago Cubs.

This episode fit in perfectly with the past season of Chicago Fire. It was interesting and poses a lot of questions for the next season. The only odd part of the episode was the fact that Cruz was still working despite getting a sixty-day suspension – I would assume those take place immediately. I’m curious with this cliffhanger what that means for Cruz in the next season – will the show pick up right where we left off or in the future to allow Cruz his job back?

Overall Rating: A-