Lucifer (S02E16) “God Johnson”

This had to be the funniest episode of “Lucifer” yet! We start with Lucifer being pushed on a gurney saying that he wasn’t the devil and made it all up. Rewind 36 hours before, Lucifer is talking to his favorite therapist Dr. Linda about why he’s told no one of his secret plan to open the gates of Heaven only to shove Mom inside then slam the doors and let God and Goddess duel it out. Linda is concerned of the consequence of the plan (you know, do we all cease to exist if God and Goddess destroy each other???). Lucifer feels he’s in the right to punish his parents for their manipulation of him. Maze and Chloe are besties though for Chloe she feels like she’s being suffocated by her new friend. Chloe and Lucifer got to a psychiatric hospital to solve a murder of an orderly. The suspect happens to be a patient who calls himself God Johnson. Yep. Lucifer is skeptical at first but then this God Johnson starts saying things that only God would know. However, Chloe can’t interview God Johnson because red tape of bureaucracy. Lucifer decides to infiltrate the hospital by checking himself in. But first he checks in with Amenadiel who is eager to get home. But Lucifer doesn’t buy it. What or who will Amenadiel miss most leaving Earth? We know who… At the precinct Dan’s pudding goes missing again but it’s Charlotte who has the pudding this time. The Divine have no respect for labels! She hits on him but Dan is done being Charlotte’s play thing.


Lucifer checks himself into the psychiatric hospital where he seems to fit in well. If anyone knows about impulsive behavioral problems it’s Luci. Lucifer finds God Johnson holding a patient by the neck and thinks he’s hurting her but really God is healing her. God saves her and they ask her who tried to kill her. It was Santa Claus! Someone put an APB out on a red sleigh pulled by 8 tiny reindeer because Kris Kringle’s on a killing spree! Ella finds a long white hair on their first victim and look at a patient with a long white beard like Santa Claus. But Chloe can’t get access to the patient. So she decides to go on a date with one of the doctors at the hospital who was really vibing her. Maze is eager to play wing girl and even Amenadiel drops by making it a foursome (not the kind Maze was hoping for). Lucifer plans to break God out of the hospital with Dr. Linda’s help to get his parents together hoping they will destroy each other. Lucifer causes a riot letting him and God Johnson to slip away unnoticed. Chloe tries to get information from the doctor but he catches on ruining their “date” while Lucifer sets his parents up on a “parent trap-like” date. Charlotte is at first angry but God uses his old charms and manages to win her over. But when she kisses him she finds out he’s not her husband. I guess there were no sparks. The police come for God Johnson and Lucifer though.


Amenadiel tells Maze that he’s leaving Earth for Heaven and that he’ll miss her. Maze is shocked to hear this news mostly because Amenadiel mentions that Lucifer says he’s going as well. Lucifer is back in the hospital where he’s given some very effective drugs that make him whoozy. Someone dressed in a Santa mask sneaks up on him and attaches him to a gurney wheeling him down a creepy hall way like we saw in the first minute of the episode. Chloe apologizes to the doctor for deceiving him. Being understanding the doctor agrees to look away to let Chloe look at some patient files. Chloe discovers a photo at Christmas time where someone is wearing a Santa suit. They find that the beard and mask are missing. In a dark part of the hospital Lucifer and God Johnson are strapped to gurneys where they find that a nurse was behind the murders. She had a horrible mother growing up and so decided to get back at her by making her think she was crazy and putting her in the psyche ward. Lucifer agrees with the nurse’s desire to punish her parent for manipulating and hurting her emotionally as he was. God Johnson apologizes to Lucifer for being a crappy dad but once the nurse takes off God’s belt the real Mr. Johnson shines through as if he’s waking from a dream. It wasn’t God after all but through the power of the belt buckle gave the man the power to heal making him think he was God. Lucifer and Johnson are saved by Chloe fortunately. Lucifer tells Johnson that he said things that Lucifer wishes his real Father had said to him which only makes him hate God all the more. I got chills; the nervous kind just as a lightning storm hits. Charlotte goes to visit Dan but she’s more humble and feels vulnerable. Dan agrees to let Charlotte in as she only wants to be held (while pants less of course). Lucifer has taken Johnson’s belt buckle and realizes that when Uriel said “The Piece is here” he meant the Medallion of Life. But there’s still one piece missing.


This episode was perfect. It made me laugh and cry. A lot of feels going around where Lucifer seems more vulnerable than ever as he’s letting his walls down in order to make the Flaming Sword work. Lucifer really comes off as a whiny dejected teenager yet I still feel bad for him because it’s what makes his fall all the more tragic. He’s the rebellious son who feels rejected and manipulated and being a punisher he feels he must punish his parents for hurting him. Yet I wonder if we’ll ever see the real God come to Earth to try and stop him or if he’ll send any messengers to try and reason with Lucifer. We’ll find out I guess.