Bull: (S01E22) “Dirty Little Secrets”


A young man soaks in a bathtub, listening to the sounds of “Drip Drip, Drip” and then an explosion!

Shortly thereafter, the same young man, fully dressed, watches a negative (-$64k+) change into a positive ($35k+) in the bank account of Harry Kemp.  He also watches while the aftershocks of the (hotel) building explosion, shake the city. (Eco) terrorist? 

Meanwhile, Bull is looking for an apartment, again.  It seems this is a frequent exercise when he has little to do. “Something cozy, with wood, high beams, water, books lying around and big enough for a dog. A real dog!” He gets a call from JP Nunnelly (Eliza Dushku) she’s calling in her first of three.

Garrett Tilden, (Peter Jacobsen) is Jp oldest client. He’s in trouble. It’s the Cloud on the Heptex server; Garret’s company. The FBI wants access, the client refuses & this is the case.

It’s a matter of privacy.  It becomes a shotgun marriage, when Bull agrees with the guv’ment. Jp reminds him, “He owes her” and he’s encouraged to keep his opinions to himself. He’s just there to provide technical support. “mmmk!”

Bull removes duct tape (physically) from his mouth (ouch) in his attempt to keep his opinions to himself, as Tilden and his right hand, Harry Kemp, (Luke Kirby) arrive. Kemp is the same young man, in the tub and the bank.

Our guv’ment feels opening the server will lead them to whoever set the explosion and Justice want to go shopping.  Heptex has turned over the files, thou’ encrypted.  However, they won’t supply the key & will fight. 

Heptex is charged with the criminal acts of title 18. Although Bull still doesn’t agree with JP and the client, he “agrees to disagree” For the first time, he actually looks like an employee!

The team is confused. They agree with Bull. Why are we on this case? Bull swallows hard and goes with the “right to privacy” defense. Yet, he asks Danny to investigate Tilden & Kemp. He also needs Cable to help with the encryption. Cable refuses.

Heptex is suspected of setting the bomb, in Cable’s  understanding.  Her friend was injured in the blast. She claims a sick day & walks out. Bull threatens her. She may not have a job, when she returns. #humanresources 

Super sleuth Danny, follows Kemp to the Foresight Foundry,  after she  goes shopping in Chunk’s closet. She takes a jacket. Cute.  Later, she bumps into Kemp & plants a bug in his coat pocket. The bug reveals extreme gambling….& murder.  Honestly, I never saw that coming! (Applause)

Benny, in real cloak and dagger on a roof top;  meets a buddy in Justice.  He wants the Heptex server files. He needs to decrypt it before Justice. Favors; always who ya’ know, innit?

Benny gets the files, Marissa reviews it. Bull apologies to Cable. Cable apologizes to Bull ♡♡

However, the real turning point  in the case (& attitudes) is when Bull finally grasps the concept of  the human right to self secrets, the need to know and the need to tell… on ourselves and another! 

Cable, (probably through Dr Google), finds a   “J Bull” took the bar exam in 2003… twice & failed…twice. (he’s not a lawyer and now we know why!) Yet he’s entitled to his secrets and his failures without the world knowing and sharing… worldwide.  I concur.

This leads to a liberating and convincing summation by JP. The jurors were falling asleep before then!  1f4a4 - Bull: (S01E22) "Dirty Little Secrets"

Finally, returning to Jp’s apartment for dinner, Bull looks around and finds, her apartment, “cozy, it has wood, high beams, a view of a pond, books lying around & a dog, a big dog!” (Collie) He smiles and says, “She has no idea how much trouble she’s in!”   I can only imagine♡♡♡♡

Season finale next week, May 23rd, airing at 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time, Wednesday on CBS