Supernatural (S12E22) “Who We Are”


Hey you guys! I hope you all were mentally prepared for tonight’s episodes! Cause I surely wasn’t prepared for what was in store for us, for two hours! Two glorious emotionally, mentally scaring, episodes! But we loved it! An I’m ready for Season 13! Whoo! On to the reviews!


#1 What was this episode about?

The first of two episode(s) season finale for Season 12, is one emotional one. For in this episode the boys are trying to break free from the bunker to then deal with the Brits. An a terribly brainwashed Mary who needs to be fixed.


#2 Who’s in it?

Dean (Squirrel)

Sam (Moose)

Jody (Best Mamma Bear)

Ketch (Jerk of an Assassin)

Mamma Winchester (The Trying Mother)

And all those other British assholes

Other Hunters


#3 What did I like about this episode?

I was extremely happy when Dean got to use his Grenade Launcher. Saved them all; mainly loved the grin on his face when he pulled it out.

Jody still alive! Thank gosh! Cause she basically is there 2nd mom or the best one!

Sam giving an amazing speech. (Can he write the uplifting speeches before a war for Game of Thrones please! It may save some lives!)

Dean finally telling his mom how he really felt about her in her allusion in her mind. (That “I hate you.” line hit me hard in the feels.)

The death of all the Brits mainly Ketch & Hess. They irritated the hell out of me!

The America Hunters winning against the Brits (for now..we won’t worry about overseas right now).

The family group hug at the end.


#4 What didn’t I like about this episode?

Dean’s knee being messed up!

Dean having to suffer with seeing that other Mary tied to the chair.

Ketch’s existence; him beating the shit out of Dean.


#5 What scene did I like the best?

There were two scenes I loved. The scene in Jody’s living room where Sam gave his speech. An the scene in Mary’s mind of there old home.


#6 What is next to come?

It’s time to deal with Lucifer & his baby! Cas & Kelly say it’s good but we all know the truth…


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