Supernatural (S12E23) “All Along the Watchtower”


Okay you guys. This is it! Let’s see how it all ends, an what we hope to expect in Season 13! Onwards! To the review of course!


#1 What was this episode about?

The boys can’t celebrate just yet. They have another problem, well two. Lucifer & his baby as well. Time is running out, they have to find Cas!


#2 Who’s in it?

Dean (Squirrel)

Sam (Moose)

Castiel (Little Wings)

Crowley (Little Demon)

Kelly (Wanna Be Mom)

Lucifer (Lucy)

Mamma Winchester (The Trying Mom)


#3 What did I like about this episode?

Dean finally getting his punch on Crowley for all the crap he’s done.

Cas being such a Dad and reading or taking baby classes.

Dean’s knee being healed so he can stop limping around.

Them meeting the alternate world Bobby. Plus learning about the “Angel Killing Bullets”.

Cas buying in bulks for diapers; Kelly trying to put together a Swedish crib.

Everyone reuniting in the house Cas & Kelly are staying in.

Kelly painting the baby room; she did a good job.


#4 What didn’t I like about this episode?

Rowena being burned to a crisp!

Crowley sacrificing himself for the spell to seal Lucifer in the other dimension.

Cas being stabbed………

The baby being named Jack. Like why didn’t he get a cool name?!

Jack literally coming out as a teenager! Like no! Why wasn’t he a toddler, I wanted to see his growth!


#5 What scene did I like the best?

The scene I loved the most was the scenery where Kelly & Cas were staying. That lake, forest, and mountains were so breath taking.


#6 What is next to come?

Not sure. But the way things ended, the boys may struggle raising Jack. An protecting him from Demons & Angels. We just have to wait, an see~


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