Chicago PD (S04E23): “Fork in the Road”


This episode was just as exciting as the preview talked it up to be. And while nobody’s life is in limbo like in Fire, this cliffhanger will be a difficult one to wait out for the next few months.

I guess it’s kind of frustrating to see Lindsay get in so much trouble for, in all honesty, fairly simple (and not that aggressive) actions while Voight gets off with murder. This is pretty typical with Chicago PD and I’m not mad about it because this was a great, intense episode.

Lindsay and her mother really don’t get off the hook for anything, and “Fork in the Road” offered a really interesting look into Lindsay’s relationship with her mother and “surgate” father Hank.

Jay’s to propose to Erin was slightly problematic. The proposal made the episode much more impactful, especially that ending, but it didn’t follow suit with Jay’s previous storyline. He wanted a break because of the return of his previous wife. But his break was hardly anything, and now just a few episodes later, he’s proposing. I understand the decision, but I’m glad the proposal didn’t actually happen. Erin and Jay deserve to have their perfect moment, and that was not going to be it.

With that in mind, I’m not sure how exactly, but I’m confident that Erin will stay on the show. However, Intelligence is certainly up for a rocky road next season. I’m excited to see what happens next, as well as what the cast will look like when Burgess hopefully returns.

Overall Rating: A