NCISNOLA: (S03E24) “Poetic Justice”

It’s the season’s finale and the final round in the saga of Pride vs. Hamilton. It was fast, intense and it was good!

Pride has Mr. Stone (Maury Sterling) tied up & beat up.  They’re on a roof top and Pride doesn’t scare him. He boldly declares, “the plans are in motion” and “ain’t no stopping us now!” Then we hear a scream as Stone fly’s from the roof top, hitting the ground. ♪ Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom! ♪

Stone’s body is found; beaten, with wrist restraint marks; apparently tossed from the roof. Pride’s fingerprint is found on the deceased shirt, in blood.  No one needs to know till Dewayne’s found.

CGIS Agent Swanson’s (Toni Trucks) shocked to hear about Pride’s death.  She’s even more shocked to learn he is still alive.  She sent flowers! She joins the team on the DL to find Dewayne and put this Hamilton matter to rest. It’s good to see her.

Gregorio calls FBI Director, Raymond Isler (Derek Webster) They need help!  “He’s an arrogant ass, yet he’s a good guy” She charms Isler into using the team to get their badges back and encourages him to finish what he started with Garcia and the Cartel.

The story arc of this season is fully recognized and all of the episodes had true value.💯  It was good to see it all come full circle with the original players. 

Across town, Hamilton meets Stone @ their rendezvous point.  He doesn’t know Stone is dead.  Pride is there.  He looks terrified and attempts to run. It appears Pride shoots him in the shoulder; or did he shoot himself/!  What did he expect?!

Pride talks to Loretta by phone: DIY, “how to remove a bullet”  💯

In the midst of it all, there’s a “Code Red” the Mayor is missing!  He’s located by the tracking device in his pocket!  Pride and company barely miss capture.  They go to a church, ground zero in Clearwater.

Whatever happens in Clearwater happens to Hamilton too! He’s chained to the pulpit; Poetic Justice, first stanza. Operation Clearwater is going down in 3 hours! 

Hamilton, struggling to get out of the cuffs, claims he just wants to help a struggling community thrive! He continues to deny any wrong doing As he hears the city’s warning sirens, he panics!

Back at the lab, Sebastian finds the industrial canal computers are infected with a worm, a virus. The flood warning sirens going off are not a drill! Clearwater residents will be washed out! Drowned! He’s taking out the floodgates!  Murderer! No turning back.  Pride leaves Hamilton cuffed & goes to save the day!  Poetic Justice, stanza 2 !💯

NOPD is on to Pride. He’s driving the Mayor’s car (what?!)  & he’s surrounded. 

Isler steps up, ordering the commandos to  “stand down” Dewayne’s undercover  💯  Let him go!

They do and he saves the day, with a little help from his team and the FBI. Clearwater is safe.

Pride returns to Hamilton. It’s over!  “Let’s make deal. We both love N’awlins”  declares Hamilton He regrets the errors.  But “Douglas Hamilton, you’re under arrest” Poetic Justice “fini”  💯  

Conspiracy, Corruption & Murder, Hamilton’s sting is full circle. Isler gets full credit.

‘Famous last words? Hamilton, cuffed, arrested and escorted screams at Dewayne,   “It’s not over” I’ll miss the dirty rotten scoundrel; not the murderer! Isler’s  “lose my phone number!” to the NCIS team was cute. ‘Hoping it’s not their last encounter.

And my ship, LaSalle & Percy’s … thing? ♥ ♥ ♥ We’ll see in the fall!