Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season One and Two

Netflix hit comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be streaming tomorrow. If you haven’t seen the series, you’ve been missing out on one of the best comedies. Here’s a recap of the first two seasons of the show.

Season One:

The series started when Kimmy Schmidt and three other women were in an underground bunker for the past 15 years with Reverend Richard Gary Wayne who kidnapped them to joining his cult thinking that the world had ended and they were the last survivors. Soon Kimmy and the women were rescued  and appeared on the Today Show with Matt Lauer (even though one of them called him Bryant thinking that he was Bryant Gumbel).

When Lauer asked the question what is next, Kimmy really didn’t know what to say and after thinking about it she decides to head out on her own in New York City. On her own, she tries swinging on a swing, eating shark gummy for dinner and even letting a horse free.

As she roams around in the city she spots a place that was for rent to live, she meets with the landlady Lillian Kaushtupper and offers Kimmy a chance to room with Titus Andromedon in her downstairs apartment. But with no job or any references, Kimmy went out to find a job at the candy shop until she spotted the kid that she saw earlier and takes him to his home to his mother, that’s where she meets with Jacqueline Voorhees, a Manhattan trophy wife, who mistaken Kimmy for the nanny but Kimmy mistaken her for someone trapped in a cult.

Later on, Kimmy goes for her GED and meets and falls in love with a Vietnamese man named Dong. Near the end of the season, Kimmy had to face the Reverend once again on trial  and soon catches him in in own game and gets him found guilty and sent to prison. Jacqueline goes through life changes from has her marriage comes to an end and deals with her past head on. Even Titus tries to go for his dream being in a musical but meets his nemesis for the musical of Spiderman. But Titus makes a music video about “Peeno Noir” which becomes a huge hit online. And at the end with being the close friend of Kimmy’s, speaking to the press for her might not be the best thing for him as it not only gave him attention (even freezing up while on live television) but also it drove out his wife to come see him who he hasn’t seen in a long time.

Season one was a smashing home run in it’s first season. There were some dark themes in the show but the characters were so rich and amazingly hilarious. After being on “The Office” and “Bridesmaids”, Ellie Kemper shines own her own and has a bunch of helpful colorful ensemble cast. Titus Burgess makes his mark on the show as one of the best supporting actors in comedy. Carol Kane as Lillian is another as she’s just amazing and lights up the scene. And Jane Krakowski playing Jacqueline at first seems to be a rich Jenna from 30 Rock but shines and really makes her mark as well with her comedy timing. The writing was outstanding and there were a lot of memorable episodes. Season One overall gets a 10/10.


Season Two

In season two, I like to call it the Blast from the 90’s, there were a ton of 90’s referneces in season that too many for me to remember. But if I had to choice one of them, it would have to be parody songs from the 90’s like R. Kelly’s I Believe I can Fly” into Art Smelly’s “I’m Convinced I Can Swim” and Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian” into Dusk Mountie’s Brother Baptist.

But throughout the season Kimmy quits working for Jacqeline and gets a job at a year round Christmas store and later becomes an Uber driver. Carol tries to get her back out on the market but runs into Dong, who’s in a green card marriage with another GED student. But they try to get back together nad tries to have sex but soon he gets deported.

Jacqueline goes back to her home town with her native american family. She tries to fit back in but she’s doesn’t and her parents tell her to go back to New York where she’s got connections and such. Just before she leaves, she gets a vision to help her family and friends by throwing a gala party to take down the Washington Redskins logo, but her nemesis Deidre throws another party as well. But Jacqueline’s friend Mini mistakenly put the date of the party the wrong way and people think it’s for December instead of October. She later dates a layer that happens to be the owner of the Redskins.

Titus begins dating a construction worker, Mike. They’re relationship seems to go well even meeting his family for dinner. Near the end of the season, he leaves to be a performer on a cruise and Lillian tries protesting the invasion of hipsters as they try to put a new apartments.

Throughout the season, Kimmy there’s been this storyline that circles around her burping. In the middle of the season as she’s working as an uber driver, she picks up a psychiatrist who’s drunk and fun at night and normal and boring in the day. She talks to the psychiatrist about what she’s been through at the bunker thinking that’s what the burping was from until it’s actually about her mother.  Kimmy makes amends with her mother but soon gets a phone from The Reverend from prison informing her that they need to get a divorce.

Season two was another home runs season with outstanding writing and performing from Kemper and Burgess and Krakowski. Great performances from guest stars like Amy Sedaris, Fred Armisen, Jeff Goldblum, Josh Charles and Lisa Kudrow. I couldn’t get enough of the 90’s references from tape cassettes to listening to parody songs and even watching Kimmy learning that some of the hot singers in the day are gay now. Overall, I give this season a 10/10.

You can catch the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt available to stream on Netflix this Friday, May 19.