The Goldbergs (S04E24) “Graduation Day” (Season Finale)

Review: First of all, apologies for not getting up any Goldbergs reviews in the past few weeks, but here’s my review about the season finale!

Since the beginning of this season, a lot of emphasis was put on the fact that Erica is graduating high school and in this episode graduation day is finally coming up. Erica is already packing her stuff for college and can’t wait to move out of the house. Beverly however doesn’t want to admit to the fact that a lot of things are about to change for the Goldberg family. Not only will they for Erica and Beverly, but since Lainey is graduating as well, Barry is facing some tough moments in his life too.

But let’s start with Adam. He and Jackie are going to the movies and run into his ex-girlfriend Dana. He starts acting weird and literally runs away from the situation. He later tries to explain everything to Jackie, by telling her that nothing is going on between him and Dana, but when he finds out that Jackie’s ex is Ruben Amaro Jr., he gets worried that they might still have feelings for each other. Because he’s jealous, Adam decides to go out with Dana, but realizes that they have grown apart and that he wants to be with Jackie now. He apologizes to Jackie and the two watch Police Academy Five together.

Meanwhile, Erica doesn’t want to spend every moment until she leaves with her mom, but then realizes how amazing Bev has always been to her. Erica doesn’t want to graduate because she is afraid about leaving the house and living without Bev.

When graduation day finally arrives, things aren’t going as well as expected. First, Barry freaks out when he finds out Lainey will leave for college in only a few days instead of a few months. Barry ruins Lainey’s moment at the ceremony and she storms off mad. More drama follows when Erica refuses to accept her diploma.

Erica did receive her diploma, or she thinks she did, until Murray finds out that it’s just a note saying that she failed gym. Erica and Beverly are happy, but Murray tells Beverly that she has to make this right, to make sure they won’t hold Erica back. Beverly goes to the high school one more time to convince Coach Mellor to give Erica her diploma, and he does. Beverly is the one to tell Erica to go to college, no matter how scared they both are and tells her that she’ll always be there to fight for her.

At Erica’s graduation party Lainey and Barry make up as well. They reminisce about their time together and even though they might not want to, they know that this is the right time for them to end their relationship.

I thought this was a great season finale, to a great season! I think the finale showed us exactly how this family is. We have seen storylines like this before, but the writers always know to give it some kind of spin to make it enjoyable and not repetitive.

The finale had three nice storylines, with all some hilariously ridiculous parts. I love Adam and Jackie together and I loved Adam’s reaction when Dana showed up. Adam has grown up a lot again this season and I think Sean Giambrone is doing a good job portraying that.

Then the two more emotional storylines. We know the moment was coming that Beverly had to say goodbye to Erica and Lainey and Barry had to break up, but when all of that finally did happen, it made me sad. Those scenes of Bev talking to Erica and the conversation between Lainey and Barry were very emotional, but I think the way they were executed was really well done. I loved seeing Barry so mature and I thought it was great how he and Lainey talked things out. I really don’t like it that they had to break up like this, but I guess it’s for the best.

I’m very curious to see how the next seasons will be with Erica in college. How much will we still see of her (and Gerica??) and what’s it going to be like for her (and Beverly) not to be living at home anymore. I think a lot will be changing, but the writers are up to the task to come up with some great new stories for all characters.

Congratulations to everybody involved in the show on a great season, and I’m very excited that the show will be back for two more seasons! I already can’t wait!

Thank you for reading my reviews and I hope to see you back in the fall!

Rating: 9.5/10