Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (S3E01/02) “Kimmy Gets Divorced?!”/”Kimmy’s Roommates Lemonades”

“Kimmy Gets Divorced?!”

The third season of Netflix’s hit comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is streaming now! And the first episode of the new season is quite hilarious.

In “Kimmy Gets Divorced?!” as Kimmy celebrates her GED graduation, she gets another phone call from the Reverend and this time it’s about the divorced papers he wants sign and sent back so he can marry someone again.

Kimmy doesn’t want to do anything with him anymore and goes to Jacqueline for advise. She advises Kimmy to play with the Reverend, make him suffer and have him beg to get those papers signed. While playing with the Reverend’s mind, Kimmy decides that she wants to go to college. But if she’s gonna need money she’s gonna have to get some and what Jacqueline advises her was to tear up the papers and make a new one so she gets his stuff and sell it.

Meanwhile, Titus is back from his short cruise as he was washed on the beach. He really doesn’t tell the events that happen but as soon as he gets back he fears of showing himself to his boyfriend Michael. But before showing his face he tries to find another job this time with Sesame Street but needs someone’s help to talk to a producer. He goes to his nemesis, Coriolanus Bur, who’s performing the musical Matilda. He gives the name of a producer and also where to meet him…at an exercise class.

Titus goes to the exercise class and sees the producer but instead of meeting with him, he takes the guy’s phone and makes a call to his assistant about getting Titus for a job. Later he comes in and audition for the part by singing the ABC’s, talking with children and healthy foods, but also reads well with the puppet but to get the job completely he would have to give the puppet a special moment but ends it and runs off.

Titus runs off to go see Michael and when he sees him, he sees Michael with another guy and Titus becomes heartbroken.

Talking about heartbroken, Lillian decides to end her relationship with Bobby Durst. And goes through the grieving process, but the two talk it out and seems pretty happy after, even though Bobby did pee his pants.

I thought this episode was hilarious. I didn’t care too much for the Lillian’s storyline in this episode it was okay, not a whole lot of laughs at times. Kimmy’s and Titus were hilarious to watch. I couldn’t get enough of watching Kimmy and Jacqueline duo it out with The Reverend about the divorce papers. Especially when Jacqueline answered the phone and acted like a taxi driver who gets into an accident.Titus was another and when Kimmy asked him about why he came back or mention someone’s name, he become very defensive. Love the scene when he and Coriolanus meeting up again. It was just hilarious. Even the moment when the puppet and the producer tried to get have a special moment in exchange for the job. The writing was really good in this episode. Overall I give this episode a 9/10.

“Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades!”

This was by the the funniest and well written episode of the show so far!!

After Titus saw Michael with another man, he goes on a rant to Kimmy and tells her that he’s going to do what everyone would do best in this situation…he’s going lemonading.

In three different songs, Titus sings about his love and heartache for Michael in a Beyonce parodies. It was clever , it was hilarious and it was literally Titus Burgess best performance so far.

As soon as Titus breaks Michael’s truck window, Michael runs up. The two talk and Titus ask about the man that he saw in the previous episode. Michael says he is just a friend and they were just playing video games. Michael tries to make it clear that they’re not in love, but Jeff, the name he’s seeing, really is.

As soon as Michael realizes that Titus was right, he runs off and apologies but Titus gets a flash from the past as he did the same thing with his first love. Titus takes Mike to the house of his first boyfriend and after meeting with them tells Mike that they should take a break and see other people.

Meanwhile, Kimmy takes a placement test of what career she should pursue and after answering questions which lead to her becoming a cross guard. As she goes on college tour she makes a new friend who goes to Robert Morris College. She decides to go to that college hoping to hang with the student but he’ll transfer to another college at the end of the semester.

But Kimmy gets pulled in when Lillian and Jacqueline fight for her vote as a city council for their district as Jacqueline fights for clean water and Lillian wants to keep things the same. Kimmy picks Lillian and well let’s just say that Lillian didn’t expect what she was getting into that everything she was fighting for was denied with other votes of the city council.

“Kimmy’s Roommate Lemonades” was one of it’s best episodes. It was hilariously funny and after watching the episode I just re-watched it twice. The writing was outstandingly amazing. Titus Burgess really stands out in this episode and should be consider for Supportive Actor in a Comedy series at the Emmys and should win. Yep, I said it. I also enjoyed watching Lillian and Jacqueline battle each other for Kimmy’s vote. Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

You can catch Season 3 and the entire series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is available on Netflix now!