The Originals (S04E09) “Queen of Death”


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Vincent: I am SO done with YOU.

I really have to be honest, Yusuf Gatewood, is such an incredible and amazing actor! BUT I have to admit, I’m starting to hate Vincent. I feel like I’m experiencing emotional OCD of his character –“love/hate” whiplash.  His constant preaching of hate of the Mikaelsons to anyone who will hear him –  is really getting out of hand. The Elijah hate too, is at an all time high! I’ll help Team Mikaelson, maybe I won’t… (I think seeing that book again did something to him. Um, does the HOLLA have a hold on you Vincent?) This is the same Regent of NOLA who cannot even control his own witches, but sacrificed everything at an extreme cost. Do you remember using the HOLLA now? (You’re wife Eva and son, ring a bell?) We can attribute all of this to trying to keep Marcel in check when he reigned supreme for 5 years while the Mikaelsons were gone away… Um, now YOU CANNOT BLAME the Mikaelsons for that Vincent… SO how DARE he throw up his nose to any of the Mikaelson clan… That is beyond my comprehension. There is one more thing, how he can make decisions on who will be chosen to die, yet he will not make one sacrifice‼ SHAME ON YOU Vincent. SHAME ON YOU.

Haylope: There is something so special about them.

What can’t this child do? She is a healer and a listener. She loves her family “always and forever”. She asks her Mom, “Uncle Elijah is very sick, isn’t he?” Hope is so intuitive of her family and whatever goes on around her. They think she is a little girl, but she is much wiser beyond her years.  She even volunteers herself and Aunt Freya to do a spell to make him better. Maybe Hayley should listen to her daughter. She doesn’t have any idea of the true powers this child possesses yet.

Oh happy day – or not. Sofya dead yet?

Marcel, Marcel, Marcel, just kill the witch. Does he think telling her “I just want Sofya back?” Is actually going to work. (She is going to just appear? Olivia “Tierra” Del Robles, is just going to bring her back for you, baby boo. NOT. HAPPENING. EVER.) Sneak attack: At the boneyard, Klaus and Vincent are surprised by a “NOT SO DEAD HEWITCH named Dominic” holding a blade up to Maxine (Vincent’s witch lady friend) neck. Klaus is yelling “KILL ME NOW.” If I were Vincent, I would do what King Klaus says… OUT OF NOWHERE! Our boy Marcel stabs Sofya dead‼ (Score #TeamMarcel‼)  Klaus goes full on hybrid and starts a murder spree slaying everyone in sight. Oh, no, no-no no‼ Maxine screams out! “THE THORNS!” Is it too late? Hold that thought, “NOT SO DEAD HEWITCH named Dominic” collaspes and dies again throwing them into the fire… And they are GONE! You better believe they are screwed now, how in the hell are they supposed to kill the HOLLA?

 “Ain’t No HOLLA Back Girl”: Team Freya/Hayley/Hope.

Nobody messes with Freya! “You know how pathetic you are selling your soul to DEVIL?” – Freya (As Hayley sneak attacks in wolf form killing these 2 HOLLA followers trying to rob her antidote.) Elijah wants to know where Klaus is? Seriously, now Elijah? Freya and Hayley are trying to BUST you the HELL OUT OF THERE. As Elijah lays helpless dying in the circle of death, Freya and Hayley are using the pendant and cure, to try to save him before the HOLLA takes him… This is all very nerve-racking to watch… Klaus will do anything to protect his brother from death. Remember, “Always and Forever”? These vampires clutch to that oath like we people need oxygen to breathe. Freya’s chanting, The HOLLA is coming, Elijah is laying helplessly dying… Hayley is standing by her man, crying. (We crying and we are all dying inside watching this happening!) Klaus is ready to slash some HOLLA necks.  Elijah reaching out and screaming for Hayley as he dies… Freya cannot save her brother in time, the HOLLA takes him. Everyone is devastated. We find something out, a bit later back at the house. While Freya is trying to put the pendant back together. Elijah is inside the pendant! Hope hears Uncle Elijah’s voice deep inside. Freya said she hears him screaming. BUT when the pendant shattered, Elijah’s mind shattered with it.

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What was absolutely heartbreaking to watch, Klaus watching Elijah laying down dead in the coffin.

Marcel don’t do it.

After everything that transpires, Vincent goes to Marcel’s penthouse and asks for the “BOOK OF THE DAMNED.”  Remember the book that he asked Marcel to kill him if he asked for it back? AND there is no guarantee that Vincent will be able to resist its evil powers. (This is not for the greater good, we can all agree?) SO, RESIST AT ALL COSTS VINCENT. I feel like I am in a horror movie, y’all know what I mean, right?

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We pan over to the tree, it has a “serpent mark of the HOLLA” on it!!!!! Out of the HOLLA tree comes Olivia “Tierra” Del Robles, or should we call her TERROR? She looks like she is ready to wreak havoc and mayhem on New Orleans. BE AFRAID. BE VERY AFRAID.


“Queen of Death” Quotes of the Episode.

“Here you are. Finally living up to the potential that Cami saw in you… She would have been proud.” – Vincent to Klaus (re: #Klamille)

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  • I also wanted to add we heard Cami’s name a lot. Miss you Leah Pipes!
  • Klaus and Hope eating beignets together: PRICELESS‼
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  • “I don’t trust him.” Klaus to Marcel (re: Vincent)
  • We know where Hayley is going in the next episode? Inside Elijah’s mind… TBC.


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