Great News (S01E07/08) “The Red Door”/”Celebrity Hacking Scandal”

“The Red Door”

When it comes to Carol and telling not to do something, she does it anyway.

In this episode, Chuck asked Carol to go to his home and let the cable guy in to do some work and instructs her not to open the red door. Of course, like us all we are just wondering what is inside that door. Carol tries to do her best, even looking at Portia’s hacked emails helped a little until when the cable guy left and shut the door all of the sudden the red door opens.

Carol looks in and sees Chuck, but as she talks to him, apparently Chuck looses his head, literally and she runs screaming. She tells Chuck about what didn’t happen but he figured out that she opened it and looked. Chuck tells a story about how he was once going to be lead anchor at Nightly News and was such a big shot that he had a wax figure of himself put up (which is what Carol saw) but all things come to and end when he gets a call that he was passed over and they took his wax figure. The only two people that care about their wax figure is Chuck and Scott Baio. Chuck asked Carol to take the wax figure and dump it in the garbage.

In the meantime, Portia informs the staff that her computer was hacked and everything from photos to emails are shared on the internet. Katie and Greg do their best not to look into it but the do and read and email that Portia wrote saying that Katie and Greg were boning each other. That got into their heads that everyone must thing they’re a couple but no one really believes it.

One of the funniest scenes came when they try to explain that they’re not a couple but they could be and Beth tells Greg that she thought he told her that he had no gentles, for which he defines that he had and still kept saying he has gentles to Katie and she tells him that it’s creepy to keep repeating it.

The two go on and shows the staff the email and soon Portia comes in pretty mad about it.  But she clears it that email up telling everyone that she thinks that Katie and Greg are boring and blames auto correct for it. Soon the camera guy runs in telling that Chuck is on the roof and thinks that he might jump. Everyone rushes outside and Carol wonders and soon discovers that the wax figure of Chuck that she placed on the roof. She runs to Chuck and tells him and they rush up and soon Katie goes up there and as they talked it out, she tries to move the figure away from the edge but it falls over and lands in the parking lot. Everyone was relived and upset.

“The Red Door” was not it’s best episode but had some really hilarious moments. Watching Katie and Greg try to make a point that even though they are not together that they could be. Also that scene with Beth telling Greg that he told her he had no gentles was hilarious. Also just watching Andrea Martin and John Michael Higgins in this episode was funny too and draws some really nice chemistry. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

“Celebrity Hacking Scandal”

Who can deliver and who can not as Carol wants to move up in the news business while Katie thinks she has the story of the century.

“Celebrity Hacking Scandal” stood out pretty well with Carol trying to help produce a story for Portia while Katie thinks she has the story of the century about the hacking of celebrity photos and other stuffs.

When Katie tells Greg about it, he doesn’t think she has something and when Katie investigates why he gives her a hard time on this, she finds out that Greg once had a big scoop on the Loch Ness Monster but turns out nothing. But Katie has the source who turns out to be an 11 year old who did it but really it all lead up to the online game Biscuits Blitz that’s very popular.

Speaking of popular, Chuck and Portia fights over each other roles and spaces. Portia gets Chuck to play Biscuits Blitz, who gets addicted by, because he wants to get in touch with the younger people. But the scene with Chuck and Portia arguing was hilarious part of the episode.

I’d enjoyed this episode, mostly watching Higgins and Richie go at it at times as the two are hilarious. Watching Greg and Katie go at it again pretty good. I thought the writing was pretty good. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

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