Twin Peaks: The Return – Parts 3 & 4

From the Inland Empire-looking 2 hour premiere, parts 3 & 4 are where Twin Peaks starts to ease back into its old ways and puts to rest anyone’s fears that The Return would lack the quirky humor of the original. Whether you liked or disliked the premiere it’s all a matter of taste. If you are a fan of Lynch’s later projects such as Rabbits (2002) or Inland Empire (2006) you might’ve found it beguiling; but you went in expecting that The Return is going to try and emulate what it did in 1990, you might’ve found it too obscure, because compared with the original run, the weirdness and odd pacing are dialed up to 11.

Parts 3 & 4 are where Twin Peaks: The Return starts to tell its story and it’s an intriguing one. Episode 3 starts with a new bizarre place, one that we haven’t seen. It really added nothing to the confusion the premiere episode left us in but it made for such a chilling aura. From there the episode transitioned into a more comedic tone and pretty much remained that way throughout these 2 parts with the occasional surrealism every now and then. It was very humorous, but in this case the humor wasn’t guided by constant background music like it did in the original Twin Peaks. There’s still that cold emptiness in Twin Peaks.

The unconventional cinematography still takes some getting use to. Especially with some outdoor scenes that were filmed in natural light. Lynch’s switch from film to digital seem to be the cause. We still wait to see familiar cast members  and what role they will be playing, but many doesn’t seem as vital as Kyle MacLachlan who has the only starring credit. 

Twin Peaks: The Return Parts 3 & 4 are now available on SHO on Demand.