Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E21/S04E22): “The Bank Job”/”Crime and Punishment”


img 5852 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E21/S04E22): "The Bank Job"/"Crime and Punishment"

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” wraps its 4th season with, to quote Holt, “pain” and a downer ending. This is still a sitcom; of course there are gonna be jokes! But…it’s mostly sad. So…

Carrying off from the last episode, Jake and Rosa try to infiltrate Hawkins’s team with the help of Holt and Pimento. Hawkins tells Jake and Rosa that her team needs their help robbing a bank, and Jake and Rosa play along hoping their covers won’t get blown.

Back in the precinct, Gina tells Amy, Terry, and Charles that she’s pregnant, but Charles does not approve of her boyfriend.

Honestly, the pregnancy story didn’t go anywhere. It was funny, but it was not mentioned in the next episode. It was surprisingly out of character of Gina to be pregnant considering she doesn’t want to have kids. But who knows? It could play a part in season 5.

The real story goes to Jake and Rosa. In a cruel twist, Hawkins successfully frames Jake and Rosa for robbing a bank. That was such a good ending. The visual of Jake and Rosa getting arrested was such a huge ending, and it definitely left fans and viewers on the edge of their seats and wanting more. Fortunately…

Two months later, Jake and Rosa are finally going to have their trial and the squad teams up to prove their innocence.

This episode shows that no matter what happens, the Nine-Nine will always have each other’s backs. This is especially evident with Holt calling the Nine-Nine a family and Amy telling Jake that they will never give up on Jake and Rosa’s case should they be found guilty.

“The Bank Job”/”Crime and Punishment” is such a strong finale, and it really shows the Nine-Nine working as a team. Honestly, the show really shines when they’re together. Unfortunately, the Nine-Nine being together will have to wait as Jake and Rosa are found guilty and are sentenced to 15 years in prison. And with that, season 4 ends.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” season 4 has been a wild ride. It went from taking down a mob to the Night Shift to Jake and Rosa getting arrested. It was a pretty interesting adventure and a solid season. Thankfully, the show comes back in September for its 5th season. How will the squad get Jake and Rosa out of prison? Will Jake and Rosa be fine? Will Gina call her baby The Enigma? Hopefully, we find out next season.