Lucifer (S02E17) “Sympathy For The Goddess”

Lucifer, Amenadiel and Charlotte are in need of the final piece of the Flaming Sword. They use the human Charlotte’s client list and find a client who could help them by hooking them up with an ancient artifact. Charlotte meets with the client but he takes all of her money. Lucifer believes that Charlotte was just conned. They go after the seller only to find him dead. They can’t let Chloe know what they are up to so Charlotte tells Chloe that she was on a call with her client when she heard yelling and a gun shot on the other end. Maze goes to visit Linda only to find that she’s in trouble of losing her license because of the events from the previous episode. Maze is angry at Lucifer for getting her friend in trouble. At the crime scene they find a phone with a stranger symbol on the screen saver. They take it to the precinct where Charlotte tries to seduce Dan. But he’s not falling for any of her tricks. They discover that the symbol is a mark for a rapper Chet who’s mother runs a criminal smuggling empire. There’s a album release party which Charlotte is invited and she teams up with Chloe to investigate. Amenadiel shows up at the precinct looking for Lucifer and Charlotte but is dismayed when he doesn’t find them there. Dan has some time to kill so he asks Amenadiel out for a drink. Lucifer goes to Linda for another unscheduled session only to find Maze glaring at him with her knives. She drags him to the ethic’s committee’s office to help Linda keep her psychiatry license.


Charlotte and Chloe crash the album release party and discover that Chet is the murderer. He wanted to impress his mother by getting rid of someone he thought was running a side business without her knowing but turns out she did and was getting 30% of his profits. Chloe almost gets found out when she’s caught eaves dropping but manages to avert suspicion by pretending to be a fan of Chet’s. Amenadiel and Dan talk and Amenadiel reveals that he’s jealous that Lucifer seems to be the favorite of both of his parents. Maze tries to convince the ethic’s committee to not take Linda’s license away but Lucifer makes things worse by mentioning that he and Linda used to have sex instead of him paying for sessions. Maze is outraged and not just because Lucifer may have cost Linda her license but that he’s leaving and didn’t tell her. She calls him an manipulator just like his parents triggering Lucifer’s rage. They fight in the street both coming out bloody and Lucifer tells Maze that he didn’t tell her because he didn’t want her getting emotional and that he wasn’t really leaving for heaven. But instead of being relieved Maze is even angrier. Chet’s mother goes to Charlotte for her help to get Chet’s phone in evidence but it’s also black mail because she knows that the victim was selling her an artifact.


Lucifer and Maze have couch time with Linda who makes Lucifer see how much his manipulation hurt Maze’s feelings. Maze actually cries! Poor sex thug! Charlotte goes down to the precinct to retrieve the phone but Chloe is wise to her and she and Lucifer stop her. Chloe suggests they wire Charlotte to catch Chet’s mother in a confession. They get part of a confession that proves Chet was a murderer but Charlotte spills on her microphone damaging it so they wouldn’t hear the rest of the deal. Chet’s mother gives Charlotte a key to where her item was being stored. Chloe and SWAT burst in and arrest Chet’s mother. Charlotte gives Chloe a bit of the truth about her connection with Lucifer as his step-mother which is why Lucifer is so weird about people accusing him of sleeping with her. Charlotte retrieves the artifact. It’s a tablet book carved in Ancient Sumerian. Neither Lucifer nor Charlotte can read it but Amenadiel can. Finally he gets some recognition! Charlotte confronts Chet about the artifact thinking there was more to it but he stabs her in the gut. But instead of dying, Charlotte’s divinity shines a light on Chet dissolving his face like the Ark of the Covenant in Indiana Jones. Amenadiel reads that the third part of the sword God gave to his favorite son. Amenadiel automatically assumes it’s Lucifer but turns out it’s Amenadiel’s pendant that’s drawn to the flaming sword.


A+! Some unexpected pairings that worked out pretty well. Charlotte and Chloe made quite a team and Dan and Amenadiel should hang out more. Dan could use a drinking buddy and Amenadiel could use a guy who dislikes Lucifer if only to make himself feel better. Turns out though he’s God’s favorite son while Lucifer is the Goddess’s favorite which perhaps makes Amenadiel rethink his angry position against his Dad. Maze is showing more and more of her human nature as she bonds with Chloe, Linda, and Trixie. She’s starting to chafe at the role Lucifer sees her in as just his sexy, temperamental minion. She’s not happy with being treated with such callous disregard and that’s a real sign of growth for Maze making me think there will come a time where Maze may turn against him if she feels he’ll put her new human family in danger.