The Flash (S03E23) “Finish Line”

This season finale has literally made me feel the exact same way how I felt in the season finale of season 1 and that is blown the hell away. I mean we had so much that was revealed within this episode and I’m going to touch on the major parts of what happened in this episode through this review.

First off, looks like a fan theory was actually right for once in the realm of theories for The Flash fanbase of the series. So the fan theory was that Iris (Candice Patton) never died in the episode before, but it was H.R. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) who took her place and was killed by Savitar’s (Grant Gustin/voiced by Tobin Bell) hands instead. So yeah that happened and really messed with Savitar’s memory as well. But even though Barry (Grant Gustin) didn’t receive a tragedy in his life, it was then transfered to Dr. Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) who received the tragic heart break that Barry would’ve felt if Savitar would’ve killed Iris.

With now Iris alive, everything has changed back to how it should’ve been especially with that bi-line in the year 2024 newspaper with the headline ‘Flash Disappears in Crisis by Iris West-Allen’. With everything back except for Savitar being on the loose and now never being born because of Barry never creating the time remnants. Savitar’s plans have changed, he needs to become a god forever throughout all of time and space so The Black Flash (Teddy Sears) doesn’t come after him and erase him from all of existence. With Savitar running out of time (pun intended) he kidnaps Cisco (Carlos Valdes) to have him build a device to help Savitar become that god throughout time and space.

It makes me wonder now with H.R. Wells gone will Harry Wells (Tom Cavanagh) from Earth-2 truly stick around to help Team Flash once again. I guess time will tell on that it would be nice to have that bad ass on the team again.

But after Savitar tries destroying the philosopher’s stone in Star Labs and the team with it. The team ends up being saved however, Savitar did give some light in Barry’s future villains with the name Devoe coming up again. If you remember, the future villain Abra Kadabra told Barry after Savitar there were many other villains that he fought that became a part of his “rogues gallery” and one of them was Devoe. Which makes you wonder who will be the big bad for Season 4? Could it be this Devoe? Or someone else?

When Cisco created a fail safe in the machine which would’ve gotten Cisco killed, Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) came to his rescue. Which you would’ve thought  that Cisco being the hilarious superhero that he is, that he would’ve given Gypsy a thank you for the rescue. And I gotta love Cisco using the little joke of Savitar being Two-Face (which everyone who knows Batman villains would’ve laughed at that joke). Of course I gotta love the appearance Black Flash made which made it Savitar and Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) against Black Flash. With Killer Frost freezing and disintegrating Black Flash, Savitar and Killer Frost go on with their plan to make Savitar a god which fails and releases Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) from the Speed Force prison.

Which you would think that Black Flash being the grim reaper of all speedsters would have a way of being able to survive from disintegration and freezing. But I have a feeling that we will see Black Flash again at some point it will probably take a while for the Speed Force to regenerate the grim reaper speedster but I have a feeling he will make a come back.

Barry, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), and Jay Garrick all fight against Savitar in one final showdown before he disappears forever. Just when you think Savitar is defeated Barry phases into the symbiotic suit pushing Savitar/Evil Future Flash out of the suit giving Barry a feel of the hate, the anger that his evil self feels when in the suit. Which gave him another prophecy if Barry kills his future self then Barry takes his place. But Barry didn’t want that instead he uses his speed to destroy the suit and in one last try Savitar tries killing Barry to take his place in the time line but is then shot by Iris.

I have to admit I did like that one line Iris did say to Barry “of all this time you have been trying to save me, I figured it was time for me to save you for once” truly one of the best lines from Iris. But just when you think everything is in the clear and even after H.R.’s funeral, we think that Iris and Barry are going to have a happy life together there ends up being electrical tremors throughout the city only being able to be recorded as massive earthquakes. When Jay realizes what these quakes are he explains its the prison in the Speed Force; with Savitar now dead and Jay released there is no one to keep the prison from collapsing in on itself.

In an infinite crisis Barry and the team try figuring out anything to do to try to stop the crisis happening in Central City. Barry tells the team he has to sacrifice himself, he has to be the one who goes now into the prison. The speed force then opens up a portal revealing Nora Allen (Michelle Harrison) to tell Team Flash, Barry wont be in a hell prison like how Wally and Jay were, but he will be in peace this is his finish line. Iris in tears for now losing her (what would’ve been) husband. Barry passing the mantle of Flash to Wally. Harry Wells promising Barry he will stick around for the team and Cisco promising Barry to always be there for Wally and that Cisco has always been Barry’s hero. And in the final moments the newspaper bi-line came way too early ‘Flash Disappears in Crisis’ and now all I can say is Rest in Peace Barry Allen you will be missed on the show.

See you all for: The Flash Season 4 which will begin airing either September or October may the speed force be with you all!